September 2016

Hello everyone,
here they’d say hello brothers & sisters 😉

time is flying … I left here mid june … had a blessed time in the western world and now I am back in Africa … I didn’t get a whole lot of rest, but I do feel refreshed and spoiled by so many of my amazing friends … God and you have been good to me … my pilot’s license is renewed, too … I believe the plane is coming … if you feel led to pray please do so … 😉

My house was dirty !! (as usual). For someone who doesn’t live here it’s hard to image the amount of dust. And even though I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my house and had friends helping me there are still things to be done here … 😉
I’ve had lots of visitors since I’ve been back and it’s been great to catch up, hear their hearts, answer questions, have the privilidge of giving advice and mentor the next generation leaders …

I am grateful for the team that has been faithful in going to the prison & hospital as well as those that are taking care of the children … it looks like they got the vision, heart and passion … it’s so rare to find people like that here …
Our children are doing well, but my heart longs to see their lives transformed, on fire for God, and I pray for the Father to bring those still lost and dying out there home to a safe place … it’s more a spiritual battle than anythiing else … they even know and say they need deliverance …

We’ve had an amazing amazing youth service last sunday … God’s presence was so strong that we didn’t know how to end it … the same thing happend the sunday before when I was teaching at my house … praise be to the Lord Jesus! More of that … 😉

To make it short, I’ve been busy, but it’s been good … 😉
Greetings & blessings,