Introduction & history

Growing up in Germany I’ve always enjoyed to travel, to get to know new people, other cultures and countries. For many years I had a burning desire within me to go to the nations showing them the love of God in different ways and it was hard for me to stay in my own country, but I had to wait for God’s time.

After I gratuated from High School I joined YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and if things had been up to me I would have stayed on the missionfield back then, but God led me back to Germany, moving to Nuremberg and studying social work. During that time I was brought together with a handful other people, who also didn’t know much about church planting, but God challenged us to start a church for our friends. I learnt a lot during that time, especially about church life & leadership as well as living in community. Many times God said to me: “This is your training ground”.

But as I’ve said all this time I had in my heart to go to the nations, telling them about the God who loves them, especially those that have never had an opportunity to hear about Him. How can they believe if noone tells them was the question that was resounding in my heart. I wanted to help the poor, telling them there is hope. So whenever I was given an opportunity I visited other countries to teach, preach, pray or do relief and humanitarian aid work. Over the years I had the priviledge to visit and live in many diffrent places, in countries like Thailand, South Africa, Canada, Indonisia, Nepal, Brasil, Russia, Malawi, Simbabwe, Korea, Poland, Uganda, Taiwan, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, the Philippines, Russia, Australia, U.S.A, Mexico, Rumania and many more.

Loving the Nations is an international christian nonprofit organization that was officially registered in january 2012, in Landshut, Germany, after having been active for years in many countries around the world.

Claudia Bernhardt