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How to contact us?

email: like_the_rising_sun@yahoo.de
(please be patient ‚cause our internet here is not always working, but we’re grateful whenever it is … ;-), also we are out a lot and there is no internetconnection in the african bush yet …)


in Africa: (Tel.) +258 82 5959157
(any time, as long as I am not in the bush bush where there is no phone reception, just try.
In Germany: +49 151 22 16 02 02


If you’d like to pray … just send a short notice to news_from_claudi@yahoo.de and we gladly send you up to date information of what you can pray for … we’ll send you prayer requests on a regular bases, usually once a month, unless you tell us otherwise … thank you!

If you’d like to be partnering with us, by supporting us financially …

You can either send your support through the Loving the Nations bank account (for tax receipts)

Loving the Nations e.V.
Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG
IBAN: DE45 5206 0410 0005 3870 60


Bank account/Bankverbindung in Mozambique
Claudia Ingrid Andrea Bernhardt
Standard Bank, Chimoio, Provinz Manica, Mosambique

For US-Dollar:
Accout number: 2052780191012
N.I.B. 000302050278019101210
I.B.A.N. MZ59000302050278019101210

Für Euro/For Euro:
Account number: 2052780191028
N.I.B. 000302050278019102859
I.B.A.N. MZ59000302050278019102859

or for those from the US you can give through Iris Ministries (www.irismin.org), then you can get a tax receipt at the end of the year … but that is only possible for bigger amounts … and don’t forget to tell them it is for Claudia Bernhardt in Chimoio, Mosambik … or you can put the money directly into my bank account …


Inhaltlich verantwortlich im Sinne des Pressegesetzes:
Claudia Bernhardt

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