November 2012

My dear friends,

believe me, I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but I just couldn’t find time, I am sorry, but now, finally …

When I got back I moved imiditaley; not that ‚my house’ was ready, still working on it, still tons of things to do/fix, but things are improving … :-). If you don’t have patience here you better get patience quickly or I guess you’ll get some heart problems or leave … . But despite of things needing to be done I’m enjoying this new house God gave to me – finally there is space and a guest room. So when there are meetings now there is enough space for everyone to sit, noone is sitting on top of someone and we don’t have to go outside anymore when there just isn’t space for 1 more person (which wasn’t easy when the sun burnt down, it was raining or cold). Also I’ve a functioning stove and a freezer now – very helpful!

The kids are doing well, all of them got new clothes and sandals last week which I managed to buy at our ‚wonderful’ local second hand market.

The older ones are having exams at the moment, but soon they’ll have summer school holidays … .

I had planned to use the holidays to do some trips to the bush, doing evangelism, teaching, visiting the churches etc., including Zimbabwe & Malawi, but that will be difficult without a car. Those of you that are on facebook might know that ‚my car’ died on my birthday, as we were on the way to visit the churches in Manica. We were almost there when my engine died. First I thought we could fix the problem; I called some good mecanics I know, but no way. So after 7 hours in the bright sun at the side of the road I finally managed to get in touch with one of my missionary friends in Chimoio who then came with his car to tow us all the way back to Chimoio. So at least the car is ‚parked’ at ‚my house’. The birthday lunch became a birthday dinner and people were calling and sending text messages when I was finally coming so we could eat the cake. Things didn’t go exactly as planned as so often here. Well, now the car which I really liked and served a lot for so many things, but hasn’t been save to drive anymore for the last 2 years I think is finally dead, so now there is only 1 option, a new one!

I did use the time though to share Jesus with people coming to the car asking what was going on and if they could help us to push it to get it started. The first person receiving Jesus literally glowed and called others. They were bagging us for a church there, ‚cause there was absolutely none anywhere kinda close, so I promised them, we’d come back.

2 weeks ago one of my missionary friends here went to Kenia and left me her car for the week, so I decided to use the opportunity to go back to Manica and on the way back share the gospel and plant a church at the place where the car broke down. We prayed a lot cause her car wasn’t exactly safe to drive either, but this time we made it there – thank God – and had a wonderful & blessed service with the churches gathered. On the way there we had stopped to let people know we were coming, so when we came back a few hours later people were already gathered eager to hear what we were going to share. Besides the boys (the worship team) I had taken the 2 leading pastors from Manica with me to organise the church and take care of the new converts afterswards. We sang & danced, then I had the priviledge to share the gospel with these precious people. They were very attentive and eager to receive Jesus. So it wasn’t for nothing. We make the most out of every opportunity. This doesn’t change the fact though that I need a new car though … 😉

Last friday we were in Inchope. I’ve had in my heart for quite a while to go there showing the Jesus film. So when I finally managed to go I called someone from the church there to please speak to the director of the school to allow us doing it there. The socker field was perfect. Everything went well until the moment we started preaching, the microphones didn’t work all of a sudden … grrr … so I asked everyone to come as close as possible … the crowd was pressing in … and we tried to scream as loud as we could. Paulo, who translated for me, did a really good job, I’ve not seen him like that before, his confidence has grown a lot on all these trips we did together, so we were both screaming as loud as we could and then we prayed with the whole crowd. I’ve to ask the leader from there how things went on afterwards.

For 4 weeks I’ve had a visitor from Norway who did a lot of filming. Soon there will be something on You Tube; I’ll let you know. And after some time also a documentation of what God is doing here on dvd or the like, in case someone is interested.

My visitor had ‚the opportunity’ to get to know our ‚wonderful’ local transport, since I don’t have a car anymore.

I usually like to show my visitors a bit of the beauty of this country, too, not just the madness; so we went to Gorongoza park (seeing some animals) and Savanne (a beautiful island about 1 hour away from Beira). So he got a taste of how God provids transport, at places where there was no transport and when it was already dark/night. God is always faithful and reliable, if you can’t trust anyone or anything, don’t know what to do, God you can trust – always!

At some point I need to work on the registration of ‚Loving the Nations here.

At the moment we are busy to get the roof back on; it blew off at really bad storm last year and got partially destroyed – finally – not that we didn’t want to ealier, but we had to wait until God provided the money which He has now 🙂 .

It is not necessarily easy with the streets children; they are streetchildren and behave like that; but I am happy I can give them a weekly meal and share Jesus & the bible with them. I hope to get at least some of them into school next year. We’ve been trying to get them into one of the children’s centers here in Chimoio, but for most of them it didn’t work. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to talk to one of the leaders in ‚Augustionho Manhanga’, one of the new suburbs of Chimoio, a bit outside, and he offered property if I wanted to do something especifically for them. Now God has to show me if, how and what exactly.

The services in the prisons are going well. This time when someone managed to escaple (not during one of our services) they didn’t close the prison for months – thank God, really an answer to prayer!

We are still going to the hospital … lately many of the nurses and doctors are asking for prayer as well – no problem, we can do that …

I thank God for 2 absolutely amazing youth services, the youth of the city of Chimoio coming together to pray on a weekly bases, different seminars I’ve been invited to teach, churches I could visit and so much more …

Something else … I’ve done the ‚Kairos course’ and am now part of wonderful team facilitating/teaching it. It is a great opportunity to share about God’s heart for the nations, particularily the unreached, mobilise and encourage nationals to be missionaries reaching out, being part of fullfilling the Great Commision. I’ll be busy with this until next saturday … . Then a wedding of lovely pastors couple, good friends of mine …

Joao & Jennifer went to America last week, coming back in january … so I’ll be ‚alone’ here for a while, having a little more to do, but no problem since I usually don’t know what to do with all my time here – no – God will give me grace, no worries …

Greetings & blessings to all of you,


Juni 2012

Dear friends,

as I am beginning to write to you one of the two ‚bars’ right next to the house we are renting which has by now been having music for hours so loud that we who are living here have to scream at each other – crazy – all of a sudden starts to play a christian worship song „ …heal all my wounds … teach me how to live holy …I want only you …“ … I wonder who gave them that song, but definitely nice in the midst of all the noise … .
Most people who have a job (very few) receive their saleries the last friday of the month, which was yesterday, so now many are spending their money drinking (while their family doesn’t have food to eat) – sad!

What’s new?
I am moving to another house, but inside Chimoio (the city I am currently living in), not far from where I am staying at the moment though. Within the last couple of months I kept on hearing about houses for rent and I told other missionaries that were looking for houses cause I was not interested in moving. At one of these houses I jokingly said to the owner of the house ‚if I one day find a house like that for 7000 metecais (which equals 250 dollars) I’d consider moving’. We kept on talking and he eventually agreed on giving me the house for that price. I couldn’t believe it cause rent is very expensive here and there are no houses for that price. Now I really had to think about moving. My head was full of all different kinds of thoughts. That night I finally fell asleep with the decision, I am not going to move and I still woke up like that. Then all of a sudden I saw a vision of the house with the ‚All Nations sign’ in front of it and I remembered that I had told the Lord a few days before that it might be good to have an office, but it needs to be along one of the main roads so people can find it, but those house that other organisations rent are $ 1000 and up which is unaffordable anyways, so I left it there. As I saw the vision peace came over me and I felt like it was God’s opportunity; so I told the owner of the house, that I’d take it. His wife told me later, that she was very surprised that he gave it to me cause there were many people interested and they’d have paid much more. On one hand it was God’s favor I’d say, on the other hand he prefered me cause I am german and he had lived in Germany for 4 years, so he knew that we take good care of things. Either way, thank God.
I should have already moved, but to make a long a story short everything always takes a lot longer here than it should. Since I’ve already delayed and I am going to Europe next month, on june 15th, I’ve now decided to just move once I am back in august. It is much safer to leave things at ‚my old house’ cause there are many people here, so the chance that things get stolen is much less. It might be God’s grace that things went the way they did. I’ve already had the experience a few years ago when I lived in Catandica; as I came back from Germany everything of value in my house had been gone, I didn’t even have a blanket or a pillow anymore – praise God – one time is enough though …

Besides that I finally was able to go to Machaze district (in the far south of the province I am living in, almost at the south african border – only that there is no border or better no road I should say). I had been wanting to give food to the orfans there for a long time, but I just didn’t have the vehicule I needed to get the food & me there. It’s FAR and the road is BAD. A couple weeks ago another missionary offered to go with me and we came just on time – once again no harvest and people were literally starving. There is no phone reception there, so we tried to comunicate the information about us coming there through the radio, which often works, but this time it didn’t. So when we got there (after driving all night – so no sleep) there was absolutely noone there, neither at the church, nor at the pastor’s house, not even one child. Eventually we found some of the pastor’s orfans and one lady of the church who had come to the only well within 70 km to get water. Long ques there … . As we were waiting we ate some bread and lukewarm tea I had brought. The driver made clear to me we needed to leave that same night. I was praying cause I didn’t know what else to do. God didn’t bring us here to take all the food back to Chimoio I thought. After about 3 hours there – to everyone’s surprise – the pastor shows up. He had been far into the bush and had only planned to be back at night or in a few days, depending on what he could find. He told us that as he was out there all of a sudden his heart started to beat like crazy and he felt he needed to go home immidiately cause something was happening at his house and he needed to be there. Praise God. Holy Spirit communication always works. We had a great time with the church, encouraging and teaching them as well as giving lots of food to each child. Glory to God.

Also, last week I had the priviledge to go to Macossa (north of here). I had been wanting to do more leadership training for a while, so I was excited to go. Great team, people having been very receptive, God was speaking and changing their lives. There were leaders from 14 different churches and they told us that noone had ever done a seminar for them. Thank God for this opportunity.

Some time ago all of us here in Chimoio went to Dondo to have some time with the new leaders there; we stayed up late explaining all the things that had happened there before they came; at the same time we used the opportunity being there to go to Beira, have some nice food and go to the beach, picked up parcels from the post office … .

At the end of april I had a friend visiting from Germany – nice!
And he brought nice things that we needed … so we have 2 new speakers and a new sound mixing board now, new microphones … which will help in building the kingdom here. We were amazed and thanked God that he watched over all the lagguage, so everything made it here (which is not always the case). The customs people were a little challenge, but I’m used to talk to people here by now, so we didn’t have to give them lots (!) of money as they wanted – praise God!

Even though „my car“ has not been in a place to go to the ‚bush bush’ anymore I’ve been visiting different churches to the best of my ability around here as well as in Manica and Inchope. It’s always great to get out there, dance & worship with them, teach them something from the bible, pray over them, encourage them, eat with them …

In the prison …
It’s going very well … and I am truely grateful for it!
A few weeks ago, on a tuesday on which I was beyond tired cause we had just come back from Dondo that morning (leaving at 5.30 a.m) and I really didn’t want to preach, but I didn’t have a choice cause there was noone else that wanted/could, the Lord led me into speaking about Acts 19 which among other things talks about people puplicly confessing their sins and burning their whichcraft items. Now I wanted to make it easy for them, telling them they could just confess their sin aloud where they are, telling God in prayer, but as I was still speaking someone walked up to me telling me, he wanted to confess publicly. Now who was I to say no to that? Then others came. The service went on for a long time as about half of the people participating in the service came forward wanting to confess their sins pupblicly. I have never heard such clear and beautiful confessions & testimonies of how God changed people’s lives anywhere here in Mosambik, in none of the churches. True revival, a very sweet prescence of the Lord and no condemnation … .

We also went back to the women’s prison … great joy … true worship … all of them being very attentive during the preaching … .

On my last trip to Zimbabwe I got to know an amazing christian community in Marondera, finally was able to go up into the air again, fly a bit, met with the Iris’ leaders there again, happened to have come on the day of Brian’s birthday, and we were with the people that had received us into their home, even though they didn’t know us, when we first came to Zimbabwe in 2007 in their church on sunday… .

My car had not been driving (starting) for weeks, so I had to spend lots of time trying to find the part I needed and fix it – much more than I wanted – but eventually it worked, so I’m back on the road … .

Our kids are great!
With the older ones I’ve start to study the book of revelation … before that we did the book of Acts and Exodus in preparation for it – which both really made an impact on them – thank you, Jesus!

I finally found a new place for meeting with the streetkids, at a church right in town, the pastor of the church is my new neighbour … how God does things … .

Well … as I mentioned earlier I’ll be going to Germany in about 2 weeks, so there is lots to do & organize before going. I am ready for a break, go to a germany grocery store that has reasonable prices (not like things here), go out for coffee, just being in a place where things work … when I want to call someone there’ll be network, when I want to use the internet it’ll probably work, when I’m supposed to meet with someone the person actually comes, the shop that had something yesterday still has it today, people won’t be stearing at me or wanting money from me just because of my colour, drive more or less the way they’re supposed to, no 30t trucks overtaking another truck coming towards me on my side of the road … .
Pray with me that I can get everything done that I need to get done and that things continue while I am gone, would you?

So far for now …
Many blessings, grace & strength and peace to all of you!

P.S. The pictures …
1 celebration the welcome of new children at the center
2 & 3 a little bit of flying in Harare/Zimbabwe
4 & 5 celebration Jonathan’s & Daniel’s birthday
6 & 7 visiting the church in Manica
8 teaching at the seminar in Macossa
9 spontanious prayer for healing – went of on for a long time and many were healed

März 2012

Hello everyone,

how have you been?

I’ve just come back from an exciting Seminar in Inhaminga (Sofala province). The road to get there is beyond … the potholes are almost big enough for a car to enter in and stay there, sand, water and mud, so I didn’t even try with ‚my‘ wonderful car. I felt led to just trust God that we should try getting there with whatever kind of transport we could get and we got there & back amazingly quick. Papa always takes care of us. I was impressed with a church that is located 40km away; about 20 people walked there and back ‚cause they didn’t have money for the ‚bus‘. They were very blessed though, not only ‚cause I gave bibles to those that can read, but God speaking & giving to them. There was a strong presence, especially saturday night when we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit … 🙂

We also went to the hospital together, healing the sick, and preaching the gospel to the prisoners (according to Matthew 25). We (the team) wanted to give them an example hoping they catch the vision, get a burden … and keep on doing it … .

Also, once more we were able to go to Zimbabwe …

When I went to the bank to take out money for the outreach before this one I said to Jesus that I think there needs to be some new money put into my US Dollar account if he wants us to go to Zimbabwe again. I didn’t pray much, I just mentioned it.Shortly after I came back from the last trip the Holy Spirit prompted me (at least I believe it was the Holy Spirit) to get out the map of Zimbabwe and see how far it actually is to Victoria Falls from here. I added up the kilometers. Let me just say, it’s far, a 2 day drive. I did the math and said to the Lord that in order for us to go we’d need at least 500 Dollars, without any luxuries and no major car breakdowns/repairs. Then I just left it there. I didn’t pray much to be honest. A few days later I’m getting an email from the Iris Redding office that someone gave $516 for me – wow! Until the money was transferred to Mosambik and taken out it was $503. That ‚someone’ listened to the Lord. So off we went again … 🙂

After crossing the border (without any hassles!) we passed by a garage in mutare that we already knew from the last time being there. I was hoping to get the rear drums since mine are completely worn out. They thought they had them from another Isuzu, but unfortunately they weren’t exactly the same ones. But it was still good that we had gone there; they put a new layer for the breaks in the back, so after 2 years with only breaks in the front I have now breaks in the front and in the back – nice! Also, they fixed my handbreak that had never worked ever since I was given this car. I like these zimbabwian mecanics ; they are actually mecanics, in Mosambik they just try to fix something on your car and if you’re lucky it works.We left Mutare much later than we wanted to, but ok. On the way to Mashvingo it was pouring down rain; the rain was so heavy I had to go a bit slow ‚cause I could barely see. It was dark by then which didn’t help either. So we got there much later than we wanted and the church service we had planned to participate was already over and the people had gone home. Either way we had a good time fellowshipping with the pastor and his wife.

The next morning we got up early ‚cause it was a long drive to Vic Falls. We only stopped briefly in Bulawayo and that just to get fuel. The pastor from Mashvingo came with us and he did a great job talking to me all the way so I wouldn’t fall asleep. I was tired and the afternoon heat didn’t make it better. For once we were not late though. We were happy to see each other again! I had been 2 years since we had gone there together to plant that church. We had 3 nights of evangelism there and were with the church on sunday morning. Many many people … salvations, healings … .

From there we went on to Hwenge together were we also planted a new church. They were so ready. There was a heavy thunderstorm coming closer and closer but God in his mercy answered our prayers and it turned towards another direction.

Then on to Bulawayo. About 1 hour before we reached there I all of a sudden had this inspiration to stop and gather some wood. That was totally God. I didn’t know that there wouldn’t be electricity at the house we’d stay at, but God knew. Without that firewood we’d only have had bread & margerine for 3 days 🙁 …, but this way we were able to cook :-). Another 2 days/nights of evangelism, showing the Jesus film there. It wanted to rain, but as we prayed God stopped it.

The following day we went back to Mashvingo (kinda on the way) and had a great service with the church there that night.

From there to the Nyanga area. We had already passed many road blocks, police check points, we were almost there then we got to the last one and they wanted us to pay a fine for something rediculous. I refused, so they made me park the car by the side of the road. We talked and talked. Let me just say, it was difficult. Then as they finally let us go my key wouldn’t turn. I couldn’t believe it. The ignition was blocked. I asked my team to pray with me to break the spiritual forces that are causing these delays. Grrr…! Some people tried to help us, doing every trick they knew; nothing worked. It was getting later and later. Finally there was a mecanic; he also tried and it didn’t work; that one is a difficult case he said. Oh Lord, I said, all of us being tired and hungry … and all of a sudden he managed to turn the key – praise God!!! He didn’t charge us – also, thank God! We kept on praying for a while as we continued driving, until we felt things were through in the spirit. The people in Nyanga were happy to see us and we were happy to see them, too. The 2nd night there, as we were showing the Jesus film on an open space at the side of a road, just as Jesus was being cruzified a car drove by, a pretty new and fancy one and stopped. It was the seniour police officer of the province. What in the world is he doing here at 10 p.m.? In the middle of nowhere … . He wanted to stop us. That devil, he always tries to be clever, but Jesus is cleverer … . Anyways, it turned out the person next to him knew the pastor from there who we were with. „Ah, it’s you, pastor, then there is no problem …“ . It helps to be known … .Then back to Mosambik from there. This time with breaks … much better … :-).

You see, I kept my promise to send pictures … 🙂

Yes, the prison is open and we’ve been going again on a weekly bases. They’re giving us more people now, including those that have committed the heaviest crimes; pray with us though that they give us more each week.

Each service has been blessed with God being present, the prisoners giving their lives to Jesus, wanting more of Him … .

The hospital is getting emptier – yes, Lord! More … !!

Could you pray with me that ‚my team’, those that Jesus has called to minister in the different places, wouldn’t be distracted or occupied with other things?

Also, we’ve had 2 more exciting youth services … . By the end of last year we had sat down as a team to evaluate and everybody concluded that we need to continue, but let’s try to look for a new place ‘cause Joaquim Mara, the place where we used to do it, has so much echo that you couldn’t even use a microfone for preaching or any kind of talking. The Lord led us to the Red Cross and they agreed on giving us their beautiful pavillion for the same price as where we used to be (even though it is much (!) more usually). What we didn’t know was that we wouldn’t even have been able to continue at the old place ‘cause it got back to the owner and they weren’t administrating it anymore, but only on the 20th of january, so we could do one more, a last one, there to let people know. It worked out perfectly … .Please, if God puts it on your heart, pray for unity among God’s church in this city (there is so much devision), that God protects this ministry and uses this service to bring people together and the unity among the youth would grow. The pavillion is big enough for another 100 people. Pray them in ….would you?

There is a number of new streetkids, very small ones, which concernes me/us. May Jesus get ahold of their lives and may it be possible to either reintegrate them into their families or let them be able to live in one of the centers. Some of the ones I used to be in contact with for a while are in school now – may they stay there!

On february 3rd (which is a public holiday here) we went out to Chicamba again, a beautiful lake with a secenery of mountains about 1 hour away from Chimoio. It was nice to get out for the day, eating the big fish from the lake and enjoying fellowship with friends … .

A number of years ago (don’t remember how many exactly) the Lord spoke to me about having my own NGO, and He kept on speaking to me about it, so eventually I tried to find someone in Germany who’d write the statues and get it registered. Every time someone volunteered to do it, it didn’t happen in the end. So eventually I just left it in the hands of the Lord Almighty, telling Him, that if He thought it needed to happen He should just make it happen. A few years passed by.In December last year I got an email with links of when and how to apply for grants from the EU. I wasn’t interested, since God told me to never ever ask anyone for money, but I told Jennifer about it and she was. She started reading through it and said we definitely meet all the criteria, but the question was through which organisation to apply. It shouldn’t be a cristian one, better humanitarian. I don’t know either I said, thinking that was it. About a week later I’m getting an email from a friend of mine from Germany who’s a lawyer, telling me the Lord told her to contact me before the end of the year, what could be the reason for that? Well, she’d be the one person I know that could do it. I told her what had been happening and asked her if she wanted to write the necessary papers and do the registration. A couple days after that she gave birth to her 2nd child, then got back to me, saying she’d do it. Within less than a week she wrote the paper and she and some people from my church pulled together a board, signing the paper and got the official registration. Wow! Everyone was/is convinced that must be God ‘cause really it takes usually about a year to get an NGO registered. Now whether we get the money from the EU or not (Jennifer wrote a proposal, with the help of some other people), the registration was definitely God’s will. We applied, doing our part, now we’ll see what God will do. Interestingly this past year I kept on having this word that ‘it’s time that the money of the unrighteous goes to the righteous’. The bible is clear that before the end wordly riches will be given to God’s people to adminster. Either way, as you know, me personally I’m not interested in money, but I’d like to see some of this millions or I should better say billions that go to Arica every year actually being used for the benefit of the people. And I promise before God that I’d do that …

Grace & peace,

always more of Him,