September 2013

Dear friends,

as you know I like it nice & warm, but if it’s already almost 40° in the shade (which hardly exists as I am walking) in september I don’t want to know what november or december will be like … 😉

About a week after I arrived as I was walking to the prison I hit my litte toe so well, that it was probably broken, definitively nicely swollen and a pretty dark red/blueish colour, which made it difficult to walk for weeks. It is one thing not to have a car, but if you can’t walk either things are quite difficult. Some friends that are nurses taped my last 2 toes together and I tried to not to walk too much for a few days. Different friends helped me out and somehow I managed to do all most important things – praise God!
As soon as that was almost over I started to have sharp pain in my head (more than a headake), that I could not cope without painkillers (which I don’t like and hardly ever take). After 3 days I decided, it’s enough! And from my bed sent a few textmessages to people here, that I trust will really pray if I ask them. It got better immidiately. I did not take any more pain killers and the next morning I was completely painfree (contrary to the days before)!

I spent quite a bit of time with the Legalisation of the new property and things have indeed moved forward. Difficult to explain all the things necessary here, let me just say, it’s a lot & takes a lot of time. The property has been officially measured, we cleaned it (cut down the bush) which was a lot of work since it’s a pretty big property. Before the neighbours and other people take more of our land or people build houses on our property we better start building, even though we’re not done with all the paperwork. It’s a risk, but it’s a risk either way.

The streetkids are all healthy which is pretty amazing with the life they live I think … only God the Father can do that … this wednesday was a public holiday so this week we had a little party/feast (don’t know how to call it) with chicken & the like , so of course they were excited … 🙂

It still excits me to see how Jesus is changing the lives of the prisoners more & more. They’ve asked for another baptism, so we better do it asap.
In one of the services recently they brought (dragged) someone that was obviously at least half-dead, didn’t move anymore. I asked everyone to pray and at the end of the service he left happily walking out of the place …

We are still going to the hospital regularily, every tuesday afternoon … now there is a church (I’m yet to find out which one) that started a church service there and funny enough on tuesday afternoons about the same time we are there, so we basically have parallel worship & prayer … J

Besides that …
my puppy has grown a lot and I was happy to see her alive & well when I got back; my big dog (guard) wasn’t doing so well though (only skin & bones, didn’t eat … I think if I had come back 2-3 days after I did I probably wouldn’t have found him alive anymore) …

I brievely met the owner of the house I’m renting, he came over, but we haven’t talked about the rent yet (he wanted almost double before I left) and I’ve decided, I won’t say anything if he doesnt …

I’m moving around with ‚public transport’ using every opportunity to share Jesus with the people around me … or I’m using the legs God has given me which has the advantage of meeting lots of people as I’m walking …

Even though there was no electricity on the day we had another very blessed youth service, I liked there attitutes, God was present & moving …

I visited lots of churches, preached, taught … and saw good fruit – thanks be to God!

I’m hoping to buy a new car soon (have already talked to the customs people, made friends with them, found someone who’ll do the paperwork for me for free), now I must just find someone in the Jo’burg/Pretoria area I can stay with and someone that can go with me to find the ‚right car’, best someone who knows something about cars … or if not I must do it in a different way, but I definitively need a new car – it is more than time!!

Keep up the faith & love you have shown,
your reward is eternal,
blessings & peace,

Juni 2013

Hello my dear friends,

greetings from Mosambik …
it is winter here, which means cold L

Let me share with you about our trip to Macossa …
Since i didn’t have a driveable car and my mosambican friends generally don’t have cars, all 7 of us that came from Chimoio squeezed into a shapa (so called ‚publich transport’ here, size of a minibus), which died after 100km of moving slowly, so we had to take another one to get to Catandica – 4 hours for 140km (less than 100miles) – cranzy – and that on a tar road! The truck that the church there had ‚oranised’ to take us & them from there was nowhere to be found. I am used to waiting, but from 11 a.m to 7 p.m – for 8 hours standing aroud next to a gas station (without food) is not so nice … ; the 1 packet of cookies I had didn’t really help since of course I was sharing it with everyone (that’s how it is here, you can’t eat by yourself) … so you can imagine how many cookies I ate … . It was one of these moments when I thought, it is about time for my own new car.
What was nice, was that some of the children I used to take care of when I lived in Catandica passed by . Also, as usal, someone sat next to me, asking that I would pray for him. „For what?“ I asked. „That I can stop drinking and I need God in my life“. No problem. We prayed, his whole countenance lit up and he joyfully went his way. He was so grateful that he wanted to buy me something like a roll of bread, but I told him it’s okay, not necessary.
When the truck finally came I found out that 3 hours of the waiting had been because the police had stopped the truck since there were no car papers and also the driver didn’t have a license … . After pushing the car (it didn’t have a starter as many here) we finally continued. By now it was dark and toooo cold. The way how people are being transported here you’re not even allowed to transport cattle in Europe or America … . After 5 km the truck stopped again, nothing major the driver told us, just the plastic bag that holds the gas padal has fallen off … hm, ok … as we were driving uphill (not too steep) the truck started to roll back down the hill … it was not exactly funny … I said aloud „in the name of Jesus stop, forward“ and thanks be to God the truck stopped and continued up the hill … then the lights went off … well, at least there was good moonlight and hardly any clouds that day … to make a long story short we did actually arrive in Macossa … at 11 p,m. . Everyone was at least half frozen. The poor babies I was thinking.
We went ‚inside the church’, greetings, prayer … then the generator was switched on, so we could see, we took out the keyboard we had brought and many sang & danced for hours into the night. I decided to better ‚go to bed’ though.
I almost forgot, yes, there was something to eat, just after midnight, I ate, but at that point I didn’t really care about food anymore. The same cold chicken, that I was given for dinner, was offerd to me again for breakfast, also with dry grits (hard maize porage), only this time it was swimming in cold oil. I have to admit, it was one of these moments when I was looking forward to a nice german breakfast with wholegrain bread, real butter, jam, cheese … .
Then I was teaching all day, drinking 4×1.5litre bottles of discustingly tasting water due to all the talking without a break. After the teaching about the Holy Spirit in the evening of course there had to be a practical part. As we were praying I quickly sneeked out to go to the ‚toilet’ and as I was coming back (thank God no snake) passing by the fire on which our dinner had been cooked I felt the warmth of the fire; what was interesting, even though it was freezing cold that night and we were basically outside, even though we were inside the church, but the ‚ church building’ was only a construction of some bamboos and straw, through which the wind went right though, the same warmth of the fire was at the place where we prayed for people. The fire of the Holy Spirit was literally to be felt. People were filled with the Holy Spirit, got words, experienced God … . I didn’t even notice where the time had gone, all of a sudden it was again 1 in the morning.
Early the next morning many were baptised and we celebrated communion. On both (among other things) I had been teaching on the day before. The water we stepped into for baptism was not a nice lake or river, it was quite discusting, and not exactly warm either, but all for Jesus I thought. This time I did it like that, that every 2-3 people that were baptised I asked 1 of the people that had participated in the seminar to baptise with me (as the Holy Spirit showed me), men, women, youth, old and young, to demonstrate that everyone who is a disciple of Jesus can and should baptise, and to take away their fear cause after you’ve done it once it is much easier … . After the service we went went back home. Every few kilometers we had to put water into the engine and radiator, push the truck uphill, then there was smoke out of the engine and the truck with whom we had come stopped running, but thank God only as we were already back on the main road where there were also some other cars (God answered my prayer). Later than planned but at least we managed to get back to Chimoio.
Later on I heard that 1 couple we baptised were the most well known witchdocters in the area, whom the Lord had convinced by healing their daughter who had been sick for years (and the false profets couldn’t help); they burnt everything that used to bring them money through their magic … praise God!!

We also went to Machaze …
It hasn’t changed, the road to get there is still a nightmare and we definitely saw more broken down vehicules than driving ones; on the way back, I payed attention, counting, there were 2 cars driving and 8 broken down ones, but thank God we made it back safely. The time in the garage before and after I used to explain people things of the bible & God, always using the time … .
The church there was encouraged, we gave food to hungry orfans (there was a drought again), I taught a seminar, and many many that came by as they heard the music gave their lives to Jesus – I hadn’t planned to preach the gospel each time we worshipped, but okay , showed the Jesusfilm in a village, that didn’t have a church, but many drunkards … the village witch came as well, sitting right in front, mumbling don’t know what, but then listened carefully as I was preaching and prayed the sinners prayer aloud … you never know … .

The youthservice we’re doing for all the churches is growing, more and more churches are participating … yes, Lord, more! Each time our good God granted us an amazing presence of his Spirit, moving in a specal way … just coming from one at the moment … such a sweet presence …

My prison- and hospitalteam has a new team member, a girl, that is really a blessing. One tuesday morning as one of the team members was about to leave his house to go to the prison his next door neighbour asked, where he was going and he answered to the service in the prison. She wanted to come with and in the afternoon to the hospital as well. She’s excited about the opportunity, she had been wanting to reach out for a long time, but her church is only focused on itself; since we have a interdenominational team, no problem … .
Our prison pastor told me recently he was offered further responsibility, but he denied, cause he wanted to have time to build the kingdom … wow … it people outside were so comitted … .
Also, lately I’ve heard lots of testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by God, his word, people being healed, delivered, don’t drink, smoke or take drugs anymore … .

I am still meeting with the streechildren … .
Maybe at this point I should mention, that I finally do have the paper from the local leader, where the property is to do something specifically for them … finally, after 7 months! Now the challege is here in Chimoio which is generally more difficult … please pray with me, I’ve already tried and I am facing the wall, but nothing is impossible for God … .

The Loving the Nations papers are in Maputo, hoping and believing, that the registration here will be accepted … they’ve asked for other ones and I’m hoping to be able to send all they’re asking for before I’m away for a while …

On june 1st was/is children’s day in Mosambik so we had a celebration at our children’s center (see pictures), special, food, sweets, new clothes & presents for each one of them … .

Yes, we went again to open up the provincial assembly in prayer. It was good. Those things need to be dedicated to the Lord, not to other spirits … .

In the meantime I’ve been to Zimbabwe 3 times, each time with a wonderful team – thanks to my friend Claire, who made those outreaches possible by borrowing me her car!
Yes, I live on a continent that is not very developped in general, but one of the areas we went to I really felt thousands of years back or at least in the middle age – we kept on meeting carts with people sitting in them, donkeys in front – that is the transport there … and everyone in my car agreed on what we were driving on was not a road, but something else, we don’t know … at one time the ‚road’ went straight up a rock, about 10 meters, another time the bridge along a wide river was in pieces, so after we drove almost vertical downhill we had to cross a about 100 meter (more than 300 feet) wide river and so on … thanks be to Jesus for his protection!
I was impressed by the distances people were willing to walk just to hear the gospel (30-50km).
We showing the Jesus film at tons of places, preached, prayed, taught, encouraged, fellowshipped … glory & honour be to only one, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you also to each one of you that supports me/us financially and not less important in prayer. I want you to know that you have a part in the fruit here, the many that are receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, getting healed, set free, those that are being clothed and fed, get to know God more, are equipped, sent out … .

There is still lots to do before I go, but I am ready for a break and maybe I’ll see some of you soon when I am in Germany & Europe … . There would be much more to share that the Lord has done, but I’ll leave it at that for now …

Love & blessings,


März 2013

Hello my dear friends,

once again greetings from Mosambik!

Time is flying as usual, can’t believe it’s march already … how have you been? The night the electricity goes of the 3rd time you thank God for those days when you’ve had electricity without interruptions … . Also, this is a good place to practice the joy that doesn’t depend on the circumstances … J. Not too long ago there was a great week concerning that … my dog almost died of poisoning, the water bill was 3 times the usual price for no reason (so I had to go there to sort that out – of course using the opportunity talking about God there), the electricity was constantly going off, my car was (still is) in pieces, there was no water, my internet modem didn’t work anymore (so no internet), the owner of my house wanted to raise the rent from 7000 to 15000 metecais (which is more than 100%), my dog killed my cat … – praise God!

In the prisons … It is exciting to see how the prisoners are growing in the Lord, how obidient they are putting things into practice, much more than any of the churches I know outside. 2 weeks ago I taught them about communion and they really kept doing it with whatever they had. Through that other prisoners and even a number of prison guards came to faith in Jesus, confessing their sins and giving their lives to the Lord … J.

There was great joy in the women’s prison the last time we went there, not just as I gave them some bibles (which they had been praying for, there was not even one!) and clothes for the babies, but even before, during worship and as we ministered to them … .

Both teams have grown, the hospital and the prison team – praise God! May it continue like that!

I’ve had great times visiting different churches, ministering to the street kids (keep interceding for their lives with me, ok?), discipling young leaders … . God keeps moving at the youth services bringing more and more people together, raising them up … J.

I finally went to the city mere’s house (my neighbour) – been wanting to go there ever since Imoved into my new house, but was waiting on God for the right time. A few weeks ago as I just got back home the Holy Spirit said to me to go over there right now. I was trying to mention that I was tired, but knew there was no way out, so I went over there right away – perfect timing – he just said goodbye to someone, so was outside of the house; I greeted him and asked him directly if I could come in and he said yes (it’s difficult to get in there, there are guards and things). I explained, I came over cause I wanted to introduce myself being their new neighbour, then talked about different things. Some other people came, interrupting our conversion, talking about things that were not meant for my ears, but oh well. Then I found out he had malaria and really wasn’t feeling good, that’s why he was home. I immediately understood why God sent me there that day. I offered to pray for him and he gladly received the prayer, then said to the others he’ll be fine the next day (there was some important visit from Maputo). God’s presence was strong as we prayed and I believe God touched him (haven’t been able yet to ask him). As I left he asked for my phone number and I told him he could call me anytime he’d need prayer (before I went God had already told me to tell him to offer that to him, now he set it up, so I could offer him) and he said he will. We’ll see how things continue … pray for good relationship and other opportunities … .

I have a new camera!! God always provides, so with my next newsletter there will be pictures again … J.

The You tube videos are ready – there’s a short (8 min)″

and a long version (50min)– have fun watching them – they give good insight of what I’m doing and what’s happening around here … .

The Loving the Nations papers went to Maputo – pray for them to be approved and that they won’t ask for a million other things please … .

We’ve started to play volleyball with the missionaries here – one of the missionaries brought a net from Brazil – been wanting to play again for years, but there just wasn’t a possibility, now there is … J.

I have a new puppy – she’s so cute & sweet, a real joy! Also, one Saturday afternoon after visiting someone I hadn’t seen in a long time (she was overjoyed to see me & encouraged in the Lord) I felt to pass by Anita’s house (my old neighbour that I’m still praying with once a week), but before I could enter her house her next door neighbour (who also knows me) called me over, wanting to introduce me to his relatives that were visiting. I wasn’t too willing, I had other plans, but since he insisted I decided to ‚quickly’ go over there. After greetings he didn’t get very far in introducing me to his relatives, he all of a sudden looked down, convicted by the Holy Spirit cause they were drinking and asked me to pray for him that he could stop drinking. I hadn’t said anything. No problem I answered. Everyone went inside the house and we prayed. It was quite funny cause one of the people was pretty drunk, but nevertheless I prayed for God to come to deliver them and He was there … . Anita told me later that they recorded the prayer on the phone and kept on listening to it and to what I said over and over again … oh well … whatever contributes to bring the kingdom is good I guess … J.

God did another miracle for me yesterday. As you know ‚my car’ has been ‚parked’ in front of my house since my birthday (September 23rd) due to overheating of the engine as we were going to visit the church in Manica. At the end of January my Nigerian friends visited me, having nice coffee & chocolate cake at my house. As they were here they saw the car and were determined something needed to happen. They came back with their mecanic (very good mecanic) who took the car apart. Then another friend encouraged me to try to talk to the owner of the one and only place that fixes engines here in Chimoio about a discount, good price etc. So I decided to give it a try and God really gave me favor with them. I still wasn’t sure how much exactly I’d have to pay but I told them how much money I had; they asked me to bring the parts so I did, then I left it in the hands of the Lord. One of my friends passed by there and told me they finished, so I went back, still not sure what they’d tell me. I don’t know what they all did, but I saw the list with numbers next to it on paper and it was a lot.

Here is the praise report: the owner came to the reception and said to the secretary to put on the bill ‚no charge’; so not only that they did all the work for free they also gave me parts for more than 10000 metecais which is about 400 dollars! I was amazed. All I could do was thank them. The car broke down as I was doing the ‚Father’s business’ and He took care of it! J

It is actually quite funny, I don’t have a car, but I have 2 cars at the moment … my Nigerian friends felt they should leave me theirs while they’re gone (until june) to use it as long as I need it; it’s a 1989, but perfectly fine for around here; another close friend of mine from England who is gone until may is also allowing me to use her car if I need a car for outreaches/travelling – God’s good and thanks to my friends. May God bless them! I feel like ‚I have nothing’, but I have everything … J.

Always put Jesus first & make the best out of every opportunity …

the fields are ready for harvest! Jesus is coming!


Januar 2013

Dear friends,

This was supposed to be Christmas letter, but I just couldn’t get it done before, so it’s a new year letter now, maybe better anyways cause you have more time now to read it… .

Joao & Jennifer & their kids (the other Iris Ministries missionaries here) are still in America until January, some others that are also gone left me some work as well, so I haven’t been bored … J.

Christmas with the kids has been at my house this time … the smaller ones hadn’t come here yet, ‘cause it’s quite far, so they were really excited … we had lots of food & fun, presents and new clothes for each one, a soccer ball for all of them, sweets, chocolate cake … J.

At the orphanage …The roof that had come off during the storm on the day I got back from Germany last year is finally back on, all the window frames have glass now, the kitchen is painted; one of the shops in town gave me paint and the biggest seed producing company maize seed which we planted right away … – God’s been good to us!

Streetkids …I’m still meeting with them, but something needs to change, I want them off the street!! I think, I told you in my last letter that I was given some property, just a bit outside of the city of Chimoio. I left it at that for a while ‘cause I just couldn’t find any time to put any more thought or effort into this issue, also I wasn’t sure what God wants and I’m still not sure where this is all going. Now on the day I finally went back there I was first preaching at the local Assemblies of God church there of which the community leader is the pastor. It happened to be that that his superior leader was there that day. He’s a man of vision and made sure I was given a big property.

In the meantime I’ve been back twice, once to measure & start using the ground and once to get rid of some of the bush that was at one end of the property. The guys of my prison & hospital teams are excited to work there, getting the property ready for the kids to move there. They constantly ask when we go back there, wanting to plant more maize, which is hard work here, and I’m not even paying them. Crazy. Praise God!

I guess at some point something needs to be built there … God only knows … I’m actually already busy enough with all the other things I’m doing but if God wants to add something who am I to say no?

Recently at the provincial hospital …When I was at the maternity ward a baby was born and I overheard 2 nurses, midwives or whatever discussing when & where to cut the umbilical cord… mamamia …they’re working there and should know that, but obviously both of them didn’t have a clue … I guess, it’s good that we’re praying there … .

In the prison … The beginning of December we had another baptism. This time it was their initiative, they approached us and asked for it. A week later I had a list of the people wanting to be baptized in my hands. So I spoke to the prison director and no problem. We had agreed on using their tractor and tank to get water from one of my friends (the only ones I know here that have a garden hose), but as usual nothing worked according to plans. When I got there the day before the tractor was not only gone but also broken down. Hm. What now, Lord? Baptizing without water is kinda difficult, but I know that with God there is always a solution. I prayed quietly. Usually there is no water in the prison, that’s why we had asked for the tractor & tank, but just a couple days before that water had started to come so the director allowed us to use it which was a miracle cause they’ve to pay for it, so they don’t ever allow anyone. Now the question was how to get the water from the ‘tap’ into the pool where we were going to do the baptism. I saw some prisoners washing the director’s car and thought that was the solution. The hose was almost long enough.

Then all of a sudden different people started to bring bits and pieces, I have no idea from where, but we put them all together and in the end it was just long enough to shoot the water into the pool – Halleluja (as we use to say here)! 2 hours later we had filled it with enough water and we had a wonderful baptism the next day!!

Also, lately the leaders of the prison are sending the sick, especially the lame into the church services. One has already been healed, another one God’s working on I believe (prayed for him last week) … .

On December 26th we had a big Christmas service. When I was asked about the number of people we wanted to participate I thought, let me try asking for 200. I was told the director says, that this wasn’t even half of the prisoners. Oh well, then let’s do with 600 I said. Got his okay.

Now we as a team had decided to give a little ‘lunch’, so the challenge was to buy enough bread rolls, juice and bananas for everyone that would participate, but we managed – praise God!

God was present and many experienced and gave their lives to the one we celebrate at Christmas – Jesus Christ!

Finally, finally, I got a chance to go back to Malawi …I’ve been wanting to go back for a long time, but I guess, when it’s the right time things happen. This time we went for 10 days, visiting friends in Blentyre & around as well as doing some evangelism and other ministry. It’s been 4 years since we took food to Zimbabwe together during the time of the crises. How time passes … . Good to be together again! I still don’t have a car so getting there & back wasn’t easy, 7 different buses, minibuses, private cars etc., it took a few miracles (as usual) and we managed in 1 day – thank God!

I’ve also been in Zimbabwe again, just before Christmas … . The people we stayed with all complained that we took too long to come back … we had a good time with them though, also in church … .

Lately things have been a bit more chaotic as usual; I never know when there is water and electricity or when there isn’t; it changes in seconds. After the last thunderstorm we didn’t have electricity for 3 days – I guess it is a miracle that things in my freezer were still frozen. I had just spend 3 days only eating bread ‘cause I just couldn’t find any time to cook, then this happened, so another 3 days only eating bread – halleluja! At least I have both now, even though not always. Most people living here don’t have neither electricity nor water, they have to carry every liter, walk far to get firewood … .

Often people ask me what keeps me here. Well, God and the openness of the people towards the gospel. Despite of all the hardships it is a priveledge to serve God as a fulltime missionary, seeing people saved on a regular bases, healed, delivered, experiencing God’s love and care, helping the poor, taking care of orphans … .

How do I survive? God’s grace only. It is good to live in a place where you fully depend on God for everything. If you live in a place where sickness, death, breakings, accidents, hunger … are common and the government doesn’t do much to help you, you thank God when you have food to eat (no matter what), wake up well in the morning, get back safely (driving is crazy here, hardly anyone does what he should) and everything is still in your house. Many people loose their houses during the rainy season and I live in a house now where it doesn’t even rain inside … .

I almost forgot … I have to tell you … The day we had the baptism in the prison in the morning we had a terrible thunderstorm in the afternoon, which started the moment I was on the way to the hospital where we always pray. By the way, another part of the roof came off, not the new one, and we already fixed it. Usually I walk to the hospital but that day I had to go to the bank before and some other missionaries wanted to bring me things to take the blessing of the workers at religious affairs. So I waited for them in the car. Suddenly I heard a big bang (literally), the car jumped and then I saw something roll down in the front. 1 of these big, almost 10 meter high, electricity poles had hit ‘my car’. The first word coming out of my mouth was ‘Oh my God’ and then ‘Thank God’! Cause I could have died if the pole had fallen on top of the car or on the screen. Unbelievable! I already don’t have a car anymore then there is damage on the car I’ve borrowed (other missionaries that are gone left me their car to use around town until January). Praise God! What is amazing though is that even though we could see well on the car where the pole had hit absolutely nothing underneath the hood was damaged. Either way we went ministering in the hospital, of course soaking wet, then I tried to resolve the issue. We always need to first seek first the kingdom of God, under all circumstances. So done praying I went to the electricity company across the street which of course didn’t want to take any responsibility for anything. They said to come back the next day and bring them something written. So that you can put the paper on your shelf I thought, but okay, I did as asked. Prayed for favor as I entered there the next morning. It happened to be that the person in charge of complaints was out of his ‘boss office’ and the one I talked to, not knowing he was the boss. He looked at my handwritten paper, then told me to write it on the computer, asking me if I don’t have a computer. I do, I said, but not a printer, or better not the cable that goes from my new laptop to the printer, and without printing it out there is no point of writing. He asked me to follow him to his office and gave me his laptop to write, then disappeared. So I wrote the document on his computer and he printed it out for me, signed it and promised me to hand it to the director personally (which he did) – not bad. When I finally managed to go back there (as I had been asked) it was already Friday afternoon just a bit after 4p.m. He was in his office and after he shouted at me that I was coming at a time when the office was already closed he attended me. We started talking about the damage on the car, then after about 2 minutes the topic changed and we talked about God & faith for about 30 minutes. Then he bowed his head and said he needed to be honest with me (the presence of God was so strong in the room I guess there was no way of lying), telling me straight to my face (which is very unusual here) that I’d only waste my time if I tried to get any money from EDM (the electricity company), they won’t cover the damage – unless a miracle – miracles happen I said, either they pay or God will resolve this is in another way ‘cause I cannot give the car back in this way. We talked some more about God, then he said, let’s go, he wants to have a look at the damage. No problem. After looking at it he asked me to follow him to the garage, he wanted to know how much it was to fix it. Okay. On arrival he talked to the mechanics and I overheard him saying to them he wanted to help this lady (referring to me), asking them to start fixing it. Then he took money out of his purse and gave it to me pay once they were done – wow – he paid for it out of his own pocket – I hadn’t asked him for it – that was a solution, too … J. God bless him.

Happy new year and every blessing the Lord Jesus has for you during this coming year!! Peace, strength, guidance & direction from on high, Claudia

P.S.: Unfortunately I lost my camera, so even though I’ve taken lots of pictures I can’t send you any, sorry … pray that I can find it, get it back, otherwise there aren’t any pictures until someone comes and visits me I guess… . If you care about things here … .