Dezember 2010


i everyone,

I know, I know, I should have written long back …
my time in America has been good, real good …first I spent some time at Bethel church in Redding (it was a blessing to meet all of you my new Bethel friends :-)), saw friends I haven’t seen for a long time, I got to visit and speak at diffrent churches all over the US, enjoyed the western lifestyle and I got my pilot license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What an adventure this has been, I felt like the Isrealites must have felt when they were on the way to the promised land, lots of obstacles and battles needed to be fought and won … a journey believing in God Almighty … read for yourself …

My plan had been to leave America the beginning of november, go to South Africa and get my pilot license there (in the nice warm summer), but God had a diffrent plan …
When I was in Kansas City I got a phone call from the pastor of the church in Chicago that I was planning to visit next, him telling me to be open for God to change my plans … hmmm … I was not really up for that thinking of the fact I needed to be out of the country by december 9th, winter coming, who’d be paying for that … .
When I got to Chicago I had a good time with the River of life church and Jeff (who’s a member of the church here, but also a flight instructor) gave me what is called a discovery flight … after he showed me once he immidiately made me do a take-off and a landing of the plane …, then he offered to teach me (for free). I still need to pay for the plane (from the club) though, but God will take of that … .
A couple days later I flew to Philadelphia, visiting another friend. Besides some ministry I spent as much time with the Lord as I could. I needed to know what He wanted me to do.
From there we went together to Baltimore, to the VOA (Voice of the Apostles Conference) – what a treat! I got to stay at the Hilton Hotel (for the first time of my life :-)), good & inspirational, prophetic preachings & teachings, meeting more wonderful people … . I prayed God’d give me chance to speak to Rolland (Baker), as leader of Iris Ministries and a pilot at the same time. He was very clear about doing it in the US ‚cause it’s much better training and better recognized internationaly. Another confirmation to what I already felt the Holy Spirit was drawing me to do.
So I applied for the „Alien Flight Programm“ – yes, it is really called like that. First my flight instructor needed to get his name on the list of their website as a licensed instructor who offers flight training. That was miraculously done within a few hours (usually government offices don’t do anything quickly, not even in America). I filled out the application (8-10 pages! I don’t remember exactly) and paid the fee once I got permission for that the next day. Then I just wouldn’t hear from them anymore.
When I was in New York I needed to make a final decision ‚cause my flight back to Germany was the next day. Against all logic I felt I needed to go back to Chicago. So that’s what I did. By doing so I lost my return ticket ‚cause I couldn’t change it. Also, about 20 minutes before I had to go to the airport I got this really discouraging email from the Alien Flight Program telling me they take several weeks to process my application and there was no quicker way. Nice.
Back in Chicago I did what I could in faith everything would work out. I started to study for the knowledge test (the theory test) – once I got the material. I wasn’t able to fly yet ‚cause as an „alien“ (a foreigner) I need permission first. After about 8 days of studying I passed the knowledge test with 92 percent – praise God! It was kinda supernatural. I needed to study lots of books, lots and lots of information and pretty much everything I read I memorized immidiately. Usually people go to class and they need 6 months of studying. Also I’d have needed an endorsement of my instructor before, but thank God they exceptionally allowed me to go ahead and let him sign afterwards. It was their first time, but there is always a first time. The other challenge was to proof to them that I really live where I say I live ‚cause (our) passports don’t have adresses. God even thought of that though. Right before I left Germany I wrote a letter of authorization to one of my friends so she could go and get my new german ID I had just applied for. She went to get it and another friend sent it (via dhl – so it’d only take 2 days) to me – just on time – thank God! They sometimes keep documents at the border, but they didn’t with mine as we asked God for.
Then (after exactly 2 weeks) I finally got the email that I could go and give them my fingerprints to proof to them that I am not a criminal. Easier said than done. I immidiately printed it out and we went to O’Hare (Chicago’s International Airport). They once hadfingerprinting equipment, but not anymore. They directed me to Midway Airport (which is way smaller). I also tried the FBI, but they also don’t have it anymore. They told me to go to my local police station. Now as someone who is just visiting here you don’t have a local police station ‚cause you don’t really live here. Most of the other fingerprinting places you can’t use ‚cause they are not TSA approved locations. So this is pretty much an impossible job they’re asking you to do ‚cause they don’t really want you to do it seemed. When I was at Midway the next day with a friend it was like being in the game where each place you get to you find a clou to get to the next place and after some hours I finally ended up at midway buisness center (which is not at the airport), where the TSA does the fingerprinting for their employees. When I explained to the receptionist what I wanted she didn’t really know what to do with me so she called the number on the email. The lady on the other end of the line said she knows they normally don’t do them (but they tell you to go there), but it was up to them. So the receptionist gets back to me telling me they only do fingerprinting for their employees here, they’ve ner done it for anyone else. I proclaimed in the spirit ‚you are going to do them today‘,.I found favor with her and she was really trying to help me. She told me to sit down and wait, the person in charge of fingerprinting hadgone for lunch. I don’t mind waiting, I am used to that from Africa (only that here usually your waiting comes to an end quite quickly). Eventually a man who’s face looked familar walked in the door. At first I couldn’t figure out where I had seen him before, but then I remembered, I had talked to him the day before at O’Hare, when I was trying to find out where to do fingerprinting there (what he was doing there I don’t know though ‚cause he doesn’t work there).. He walked in, looked over, recognized me and made the comment „oh, I know that lady, she’s an alien“. I love to be called an alien, but whatever. It turned out he was the only person authorized to do the fingerprinting in that office. The secretary explained to him what I wanted, but he already knew. So it wasn’t even for nothing that we had been to O’Hare the day before. It was good that he already knew me. He needed to change the computer setup a bit, but he was willing to do that. The good thing was that since this was the proper TSA their system was electronically linked to the clearing house where my fingerprints needed to be „checked“ so I didn’t even need to send them in; they got them right away and they couldn’t get lost in the mail. Besides that I didn’t even pay. Praise God. The secretary gave me some discouraging news as I sat down and waited there which got us to pray, telling me that it takes at least 6 weeks to get cleared, but more likely 3 months. I was telling God we really don’t have time for that. The next was a public holiday. They must have cleared me on friday (the day after) ‚cause monday morning first thing I got an email from them that I was approved by the FAA to take flying lessons, go for a pilot license. That was an answer to prayer.
The next challenge was the medical test (which I wouldn’t have thought to be another problem). Even though I can see good enough with both eyes at first my right eye didn’t measure up to their standards. This could have been the end again if God had not intervened. We prayed and when I got retested I got a diffrent result, a way better result even though I could see worse. I didn’t understand but I thought I better not ask too many questions. What mattered was to get the medical certificate. The doctor had given me a form to fill out and an envelope with an adress in Oklahoma City I needed to send it to, then they’d send the medical certificate to Germany. Something needed to be done, that would have taken weeks again. We called the doctor and he was willing to give it a try calling them if they’d make an exception that we’d not have to send it in, but he could just give me the medical certificate – and they accepted! Halleluja!
It wasn’t my great idea to get this pilot’s license, but God’s, so He had to take care of all of that.
Then I needed permission flying „solo“ which wasn’t easy either. But by the grace of God we can do all things. As soon as I had permission I went flying solo the next day, then cross country solo the day after that. Jesus was with me and I felt perfectly safe. I was trying to get back asap ‚cause it was supposed to snow later on that afternoon which it did, but only after I got back. It was interesting though ‚cause the sky became darker and darker as I was flying from one airport to the next. The following day I couldn’t fly due to bad weather, but I still needed to do more flying to finish of my 10 hours of solo flight that are required for a private pilot license. We needed to pray again and the sky cleared enough for me to go. When I came back I had exactly 10,1 hours, which is 6 minutes more than necessary. I had a flat tire so I couldn’t go up anymore (even though it was a nice soft landing – I am glad Jeff watched me land otherwise he might not have believed me). I felt angels protecting me as I landed, going perfectly straight down the runway.. I hadn’t watched the time ( I don’t even have a watch), but I came back exactly when I needed to. God knows all things.
The Oral Exam (which is part of the practical test) is the craziest exam I’ve ever done. There are about 15-20 (I think) diffrent areas and you get questioned in each area. If there is a little thing you don’t know you might get away with it, but if there is one question you can’t answer you are done; so this is pretty much a hundred percent test. Besides, I only found out about this exam 5 days before. Nevertheless I passed that – thank you, Jesus!
Now my 3 months I was allowed to stay in the US were up. The immigrations laws are clear – you cannot go to Canada or Mexico or the Carribean and come back in wanting to spend more time in the US. The final decision though is with the custom’s official at the border as I found out after spending lots of time on the internet doing research, calling places, asking around everywhere. In that case I figured I could give it a try, before I fly to Germany and come back (and even then there is no guarantee that they let you reenter). The day my visa expired I went to Canada with a friend from the church here. It’s only 6 hours to the border. We didn’t exactly know where we were going yet. The question was who’d take us in for the night. Just on time (as always), before we needed to turn unto another hinghway, about an hour and a half before the border we got a call we could spend the night at friends of friends of friends in a town called Sarnia, which is the border town on the canadian side, so not very far. God always takes care of us. A lovely couple, pastors of the Vinyard church there. They invited me to preach since they had a service on friday night in one of their daughter churches (about 70 people). God was present and His Spirit moved. So it wasn’t for nothing that we went to Canada. On the way back God gave me favor with the custom’s official and wisdom to answer the many questions. So I’ve got another entry stamp valid for 3 months in my passport – praise God! During this whole process I kept on thinking God could have told me to apply for a 6 months visa while I was in Germany but He chose not to, so there must have been a reason for it; maybe we needed to go to Canada or God just wanted to show His power one more time … ..
The weather for the coming week didn’t look too good, but God kept his hand on it. On thursday it was the most obvious. It snowed everywhere around us. We could even see it snowing. But it didn’t snow where we were. As soon as we were done for the day, had parked and secured the plane in the evening it started to snow though. God is faithful. He knew I needed the day to practise those difficult maneuvers you have to know how to do to pass the checkride some more. Maybe to explain to you … when it snows you can’t see anything which is kinda dangerous … .
Also God kept the plane „going“, no problems there so we could keep flying …. .
Yesterday (sat dec 18th) was my „checkride“ (the practical test) and I passed!!
The night before my examiner called me telling me, he doesn’t think we could fly tomorrow, the weather forecast showing ceilings of only 1500feet (we needed at least 4000), low visibility, to sum it up weather that doesn’t permit visual flying (I’m not instrument rated yet). I told him, we’d pray. The next morning ALL clouds had completely dissapeared, there was sun and a beautiful clear sky. Glory to God! Ususally those weather forecast are pretty accurate, but obviously they don’t count on God shifting the weather for his purposes. The examiner’s comment was that God must really be with me – and He was!!
I could write more, but let’s leave it there for now …
The bettles have been many, but the victory is ours! Now may this license be used for the kingdom of God and His eternal glory, that many will have the chance to hear the good news about Jesus, get food & medicine, churches being planted, visited and strengthened … .. I’m lookin forward to the plane God will give me …

I’d like to enourage you, no matter what, keep believing, the One who called you is faithful, He will always keep His promises!! Do not be afraid, just believe (Mk 5:36). With God all things are possible (Mat 19:26)!

I will fly to Germany on december 23rd, spend christmas there, get a few things done and fly back to Africa on december 30th …

Have a blessed christmas, celebretating the birth of Jesus and meeting Jesus coming to you …
God is real …!!

P.S.: Thank you everyone who welcomed me into their home, fed me, gave me rides, helped out in one way or another, gave financially, prayed this through with me … !! I can only say thank you – may God reward you richly!

Juli 2010

My dear friends,

I arrived safely in Germany, with my lagguage (an empty suitcase with a few things to give to people) – praise the Lord!
My time before I left has been kinda crazy, I haven’t even watched one soccer game due to lack of time, but it doesn’t matter God and his people are way more important, the things of the world are temporary whereas God and His kingdom are eternal …!
My friends came to pick me up from the airport and prepared a wonderful german breakfast for me – it was heavenly – then I was taken out for icecream – what a treat!

Last month God did something amazing with our older boys we are taking care of in Chimoio …
When I finished the teachings about hearing God’s voice, prophesy, knowing your calling … I had asked them to start worshiping (with a brazilian worship CD) and that everyone would at least pray for one other person … I quickly went into the house and as I got back a few minutes later I found everyone gone with Jesus and praying for each other …I like it when God just takes over … I jumped right in and joined them … I have never seen a presence like that with our children in Chimoio … true repentence fell on them, they were sobbing with their faces in the dirt, confessing their sins to one another and to the Lord … prophetic words were given … they were so gone in worship that they didn’t even notice the cold … this went on for 3 hours … one of them told me later „I didn’t even notice the sun going down, I was in heaven …“ … the glory of the Lord had come down … all I can say is thank you Jesus!!! This is what all of us need … an encounter with Jesus, seeing his glory, words of life that directly touch our hearts spoken to us … our God is so good and He loves his children so much, He wants us to be with Him!!
Before I left they promised me they will continue meeting together to pray, worship and share from the word of God … let it be so, in Jesus‘ name!

The smaller kids were not happy when it was the last day telling them bible stories & do colouring with them for this year, but what can I do?!

Our prayer meetings and hospital ministry are going well … 🙂
God spoke to a woman in Chimoio in a dream about cooking a meal for the children living on the street as we meet with them on wednesdays; 2 young adults who grew up as orfans joined the team, they really understand what they are going through ‚cause they have been there and are a big help in many ways …

Let me just share one more thing with you, then I let you go, okay?
God gave us the opportunity to show the Jesus film in the provincial prison in Chimoio …
The devil tried about everything he could that the prisoners wouldn’t see the life of Jesus, but in everything we overcome and are victorious!
The 1st opportunity we were given the mp3 didn’t work for some reason, but at least we had the keyboard with us, so we sang & danced and worshiped; joy filled the prison and the spirit of God was hovering over them … I used the opportunity to preach a bit and at least 100 prisoners gave their lives to Jesus.
Then, the 2nd time, as we arrived to put up our sound equipment (I had organised a dvd player and a dvd with the film in portugese in the meantime), the room was so dirty we had to wait until they organised some brooms to sweep (which took at least half an hour). As we finally started to put up things we were told to wait ‚cause there were too many things happening at the same time and they didn’t have enough guards. The people in charge disappeard. After waiting for at least another half hour I decided it’s enough waiting around, we are waisting our time. I went to look for the people in charge. It was not easy to convince them to just cancel everything else and let everyone watch the Jesus film, but finally we found favor in their eyes. People were gathered. Then for some reason we couldn’t get to the portugese language on the dvd, so we started in english; all I could do was pray. After about 10 minutes we managed to get into the portugese. At that point I was thinking now we are okay, nothing else will go wrong. After about another 20 minutes all of a sudden the electricity went off. We could hardly believe it. Some people had come to the prison that afternoon to fix some things, so they just switched off the electricity to do their work. Thank God for the prison director who immidiately told them to switch on the electricity again and come another day. Grrr. With all these delays and interruptions it was getting a bit late and the guards told me the prisoners had to go back to their cells now. „What?!“ I replied, „right now, before the cruzifiction, before they have seen how much Jesus suffered for them, no way“..I don’t know what had come over me ‚cause in reality the dicision truely was theirs, not mine. I guess it was the Holy Spirit taking authority over the situation through me. Anyways. after talking to them for a while they agreed, that we could continue until after the cruzifiction, then we would finish. As the altar call was given at least 300 of the 500 who assisted the film came forward to confess their sin and surrender their lives to the Lord. I was a bit overwelmed. I am not sure if they ever allowed a gathering that big in the prison, but either way praise God for everything He has done that day!

In the beginning of july I had the priviledge to participate at Iris Global Gathering – what a blessing! People from every continent came together, teachings from the heart of God, catching up with people I haven’t seen in a long time, worshiping in God’s presence and getting filled … thank you, Jesus!

It’s good to be in Europe now to see my family & friends … everything is so nice & clean here, no trash laying around anywhere, no bad smells, people driving nicely, food that I like available in the grocery store around the corner … 🙂

It has not been easy to leave and say goodbye to people in Mosambik this time … I have many friends and people close to my heart now in Chimoio … so it’ll be hard to be gone for such a long time (at least 6 months, depending on how quickly I can get my pilot’s license – please pray for that to be done in minimum time and the mosambicans that are continuing the diffrent ministries now) …

After having been in Germany & around for about 2 months I am planning to come to the States mid-september. If you are from there and would like to meet up, see me and/or have me speak at your church or any other meeting please let me know … I need to book flights and make a plan when to be where, so please tell me as soon as possible … . I’d like to spend some time in Bethel (Bill Johnsens) church; and besides that I’d really like to see some of you again. I believe God put in my heart to share about what He has been doing, challenge people in their christianity and encourage them to go, being apart of fullfilling the great commisson. The purpose is not fundraising (God knows what is needed), but testify about the goodness of God. I like to be clear about that, because I know many missionaries do these things to raise money, which is also okay, but it’s not what is in my heart. Pls don’t forget to let me know. I believe God is the one who is asking me to go to the US so I am trusting He will work it all out according to his will.

Peace & grace,
with love and appreciation,

Mai / Juni 2010

My dear friends,

Greetings from Mosambik, Africa!

Finally our internet and phones are working again … 🙂

When I came back from one of our evangelism trips to Zimbabwe I found everything “dead”, no communication, not only for days but for weeks ‘cause a ship up in Nampula had damaged some cables … I didn’t even know such cables under the water existed, but you always find out new things in life … 🙂

Over easter I went to a conference in Buhera district, from the Pentecostal Apostolic Church and it was GOOD 🙂 . I had the priviledge to be preaching there, on Sunday morning when everyone was already completely tired ‘cause they had been up all night singing & dancing etc. Half the heads were up the other half down (asleep) when I got in front. I said to the Lord that it is not fun to preach to a sleeping crowd and as I started speaking the presence of God was so strong that every single person raised up, staying awake and listening until the end. No one slept. I was amazed. God really spoke to them and until today when I met some of them again they remember and started to put into practice what the Lord told them that day. Praise God! It is such a priveledge to be God’s spokesman.

Last month (in April) we went to Zimbabwe again for 10 days of evangelism. We had planned for the week after but they changed the school holidays, announcing that the last day of school, shortening them from 2 weeks to 1 week ‘cause mosambican school have to many days of holidays (which is true) and have gotten pressure of the international community to change that. So anyways, because some of the people of the team are still in school, we had to leave from today to tomorrow, using the time of holidays.

We started of in Rusape/Headlands, then to Nyanga area, Kwekwe, Gweru, Bulawayo, Gwai River, Hwenge and Victoria Falls. The first night we were in the “bush”, but there were so many people, hundreds, and it took forever to write down the names of those who came forward to give their lives to Jesus (see the first 3 pictures)… . In Nyanga we ended up preaching in a “bar”, a place where they brew and sell their own “beer” (40-50% alcohol); that’s where the headman of the village offered us to preach, so we had to set up there. To my amazement the people listened as I was preaching and gave their lives to Jesus. Now with God invited into their lives there is a good chance for a change … 🙂 . God moved everywhere we went. It was freezing cold in Bulawayo, but the people stayed. For the last 3 places we had to do the “Abraham” experience, just going and stopping where the Lord would show us. When we entered into Gwai River I felt it was the place where God told us to stop for the night and preach. We even had electricity so we could show the Jesus film (unfortunately my small generator doesn’t pull the projector, just 1 speaker with the keyboard), at some broken down gas station that had been vandalized when they kicked out the white farmers. Then me as a white person preaching there … telling them about God’s love and forgiveness … how God does things … . At the other places we knew some people so went to their houses, staying there, but not after we left Bulawayo, so we just did what the Apostels did, looking for a place where people would receive us as the people of God. The Holy Spirit always directed us to the right house and now we have a lot of new friends and God’s kingdom has been built … 🙂 . The fourth picture shows the team and the people who received us into their home in Gwai River. In Victoria Falls I had gone to rest & pray a bit in the car while we showed the Jesus film (yes, there was electricity as well 🙂 and when I came out I was kinda shocked how many people had gathered there. They were so eager to receive Jesus I hadn’t even said “let’s pray” and they were already repeating after me. I felt so weak and unable that night but so many people stayed to receive prayer that night, encountered the Living God and God met their needs … God is always faithful to the people He has made and whom He loves … . At night we heard the elephants, they are walking around where we were, eating in people’s gardens, I was just praying that they wouldn’t walk over us sleeping in the tent … . After doing a Sunday morning service with the newborn church we started our journey back. I thank the Lord and everyone who has been praying, my car made it without any major problems, just one minor thing we managed to fix with some tape (and it’s running like that until today) … 🙂 .

What was not so much fun was the attacks of the enemy against me afterwards … , I really need your prayers in the things we are doing here … .

Our last Zimbabwe trip was to Harare, meeting different people, to reconnect and talk about future plans ministering together and doing some preaching.

The pastor’s couple we stayed with had a crusade going on in their church on that week-end so they were excited to have me speak for 1 night. We had just come, not knowing.

Also, on Saturday afternoon we went to visit some old friends of mine. What happened that day really humbled me. God had spoken to one of them the day before that the next day would be coming some very special visitors that are sent by Him. So she prepared, cleaning the house etc. and making sure to be home even though she is usually out trying to by and sell some things to get a few coins. It was a devine appointment. Some other people had been invited to be there, men of God, with an incredible anointing and calling. One of them had been raised from the dead, told by God to go back to the earth to tell others about Him, the other one had been poisoned by a witchdoctor as he was preaching but God healed and restored him. Now these people want to do evangelism and plant churches with me … ?!

One afternoon as we parked in town some guys were getting on my nervs wanting money for guarding the car. I am tired of people asking for / wanting to get money out of me just because I am white, as if money grows on trees in our countries… . I told them not to worry about my car God is watching over it. They kept on talking to me as I was trying to read the map, to see how to get to the place we were supposed to get to next. Eventually I said I am a missionary and I am not earning money. At that they asked if I can pray for them. Without me saying anything they started to confess their sins and said they need God in their lives to changes them, they needed to stop smoking and drinking … . Then they knelt down right in front of my car window so I reached out to place my hands on them and pray for them. Jesus was there and they met Him right there. God has his own plans … . We must always be ready …

Our children are enjoying the bible stories and colouring, they really listen and later on tell what they’ve been taught to the staff at our center … our older boys with whom I do bible study have grown so much in the Lord, they are now praying regularily (by themselves), reading the bible and really getting ahold of the word of God and God’s truths, they are telling their classmates about Jesus, are excited to minister to others … it’s a joy … 🙂

Yes, finally the ministry to and for the street children started. God opened the doors, connecting me with a couple mosambicans who share the same burden. We are getting to know them, sharing Jesus and God’s word with them, loving on them, giving them a lunch and it’s amazing how much they trust and open up to us. Please pray for God’s provision, protection and guidance in our ministry to them.

God is giving us so much favor in the hospital, even other mosambicans can’t believe that we are allowed to enter in everywhere, where the women give birth, the ICU and places where not even the family is allowed in … healings and miracles are increasing, and may they increase more … .

God has finally answered our prayers about giving us more people to participate in our services in the prison and I thank Him for that. My desire has been that they’d give us the “worst of the worst”, the murderers, those who have been using weapons and have done cruel things and now we can minister to them … 🙂 . It’s not easy to get them out of their cells, they have fines of 20, 30, 40 years or lifelong and they are considered dangerous but with God and as we pray all things are possible!!

This past week-end I was invited to speak at the provincial women’s conference of our church here in Chimoio. May God bless and raise up these women … .

There are still many visitors coming to my house and I am enjoying that … . In Mosambik you don’t make appointments, you just show up at someone’s house … The Holy Spirit really has to show me when to be where, lead me whether I realize it or not … . God is timing things well, almost always when I am home someone comes by and we don’t talk ‘bla-bla’, they share very personal things and we always talk about Jesus and how to live as a christian … praise God for that!!

I’ll be here for another 2 months before going to Germany, visiting our churches and doing evangelism, hoping to be able to hand over the ministries in the hospital, prison and with the street kids to the Mosambicans. My prayer is that they’d continue while I am gone. Usually my furlough was 6-8 weeks but this year I’ll be gone for a while, first in Germany, then in the US and learning how to fly … .

Love & blessings,


Januar/Februar 2010


My dear friends,

wow, it took me more than half an hour to get the computer and internet started up, but finally I am able to write to you …:-)
If you are not patient here you better become patient … 🙂

It is toooooo… hot now!! I do like it warm, but this is too much!!!
We all hope it’s going to rain sometime soon … it is raining so much in Maputo that houses and roads are flooded and things are breaking down, but nothing here in Chimoio. Almost all the crops are already dried up which means a major famine for this year – unless a miracle happens …
Please pray with us for just the right amount of rain …

Our children are doing well …
we had fun at christmas … 🙂
the bible studies are going well … they are learning how to interprete the bible and growing spiritually…
I also started to do bible stories and colouring with the little kids …
they are learning how to take care of the chickens …
now school started again …
as I was in Dondo last month I was given some bicycles for the older boys to go to school – praise the Lord – ‚cause it really is far – one and a half hours walking … so they’re happy to use the new bicycles … 🙂
at the moment we re getting school uniforms made …

In the hopital …
The older boy (Sergio) of our new house parents (by the way they are wonderful, really an answer to our prayers) was in the hospital, in the ICU, with cerebral malaria, a very serious case. He almost died. We were tying to get in to pray for him. After waiting for 2 hours, time already way past visiting hours we were finally allowed to get in. 2 days later he left the hospital, fully restored – that is a miracle – thank you Dr. Jesus!
Of course we didn’t waist time sitting around doing noting, but went to pray for almost everyone else in the hospital … 🙂
Last week as we were in the ward of the very sick people (it’s hard to say what ward it is ‚cause there are all kinds of patients) the hospital staff was complaining why we were not playing for them, they wanted/needed prayer, too. So we prayed for them. As soon as we were finished more came, so we prayed again, then more came … it felt like they multiplied …anyways, it was fun and it is good to have such open doors … 🙂
They are now giving me & the team extra time with the patients, outside visiting hours …

I really enjoyed this week in the prison …
Once again I had to be patient ‚cause all the people who have something to say there were in a meeting – again – but finally we could start worshiping … :-).
I was sharing a simple message out of Matthew 6, about choosing to go after God or money, that God promises us to take care of all our needs if He is Nr. 1 in our lives.
In the time of prayer God was there – touching them, speaking to them, filling them with the Holy Spirit after giving their lives to Jesus, many testified of their healing … they didn’t want to stop worshiping in the end, it was incredible … 🙂

I went back to Nyanga area in Zimbabwe to do evangelism/plant churches …
Some of the village chiefs who had heard about us the last time we were there had requested we’d come to their village as well, preaching the gospel. So we did. I wish I’d have a bigger generator so we could use both speakers, but anyways, people came … . Everyone was doing an amazing job, singing, dancing, Jeremias playing the keyboard, then I was asked to be preaching. Everywhere we went people gave their lives to Jesus … also in the last place many (!) were delivered … . I guess someone was not happy with us. We were facing some challenges on the way back, but the Lord kept us. As we stopped at a place where we couldn’t pass without removing a fence the Pastor from there saw that one of the lights was almost falling off, hanging on its last piece of wire (the other one was already not working); the guys tried to fix it with some tape, I asked them to hurry ‚cause it was starting to rain and I knew if it kept raining we wouldn’t make it it uphill on the part of the road that had only mud and no rocks. As we were praying the rain ceased. We kept praying the whole way back to where we were staying for the night. Driving under these conditions, over all these big rocks, potholes … was not the easiest thing to do but we made it – thank God!
I drove back to Chimoio, up and down the mountains, not knowing that the bulljoints in the front right were completely broken. Everything went well until we reached the entrance gate of our house, then the tires on the front right were facing to the right and the tires on the left were facing to the left as I wanted to go straight. I couldn’t get in. It looked funny. We knew those bulljoints didn’t break here but on that bad road out there. With a piece of string and the guys using their hands we somehow managed to get in … .We were looking at my car, being amazed how we got back, how God kept us- no explanation in the natural.

In Ruangwe …
Last friday we went to Mutare to spend the night there with our friends to then leave together early in the morning, but this bus … unfortunately it was the only bus going there that day so we didn’t really have a choice. It stopped at about every other tree, then on top of it had some mecanical problems – we just prayed that we’d reach our destination (about 200km) somehow – and we did – at almost 6 p.m.! It was kinda insane but there wasn’t much we could do about it. Still another 12km ahead of us. Thank God a truck came and they agreed to take us for part of the way (on the „main“ road). It was a big help, only having to walk for an hour – in the dark! I was glad there were no clouds and at least half the moon.
Maybe to explain to you, my car was not in a condition to go anywhere, it needed some repairs, and since noone else has a vehicule we had to go by public transport.
Please please pray with me for a new car, I think it’s about time, these car repairs are just too much …!!
Since we were so late we preached, sang and prayed all night. The church that had felt forgotten was very encouraged and came to life again. Early in the morning we walked to a place to baptize people (only a 2 hour walk – but at least in the direction of the „bus stop“ :-). It was difficult to find water ‚cause it had not been raining there either. The water was dirty with lots of bugs swimming in it, but it was water. After eating sadza (dry grits) and goat we walked another 2 hours up and down the mountains, with the blazing hot sun burning down on us. Reaching Ruangwe no bus, no car, no nothing. Halleluja. It was already 12 noon and we had to be at the border before 6 p.m. We were praying and within a couple minutes an open pick-up truck came. They were going to Nyanga, which was half way. As I was hopping on in the back the owner of the car decided I could sit in the front, still better to be squeezed in inbetween the driver and the other guy in the front then siting on the humangus dead bull that was in the back with blood all over the place. As usual they immidiately started to ask me questions about God and the work I was doing. Later on I found out they were detectives working for the zimbabwian governement. Anyways I don’t have anything to hide I thought. The presence of God was strong in that car and God was speaking to them, touching there lives. They couldn’t do anything else but telling the truth. Then they asked me to pray for them and begged me to please baptize them when I get back to Nyanga. Maybe those guys were the reason why God had told me to go on that trip. They needed a word from God and were ready to receive it.
In Nyanga there was a minibus of which the driver said he was willing to leave in an hour. The others wanted to get in but I kept on saying no, we need a private car all the way to Mutare that goes fast, otherwise we won’t make it – and it pulled into the parking lot, we all got in and left right away. God’s faithful. In some way it is good to fully depend on God for every detail of your life. One of my friends in Mutare had gotten back from Harare and was willing to take us to the border. No problems there. As soon as we got out immidiately a car came, I asked to please take us ‚cause going with public transport always takes forever. He was only going to Manica, part of the way, but still helpful. Waiting (only 5 mns) at the gas station there a nice van from the fanciest hotel in Chimoio pulled in. I thought that was a good option – about the complete opposite to the 50 year old bus the day before! Having good talks about Jesus and the bible they took us to Chimoio, even dropping us off right at my house! God always provides …
I was really looking forward to a nice shower, after all this walking and travelling – as you can probably imagine – but there was no water! How exciting …
Later on the electricity went off as well – I felt like being in the bush again … 🙁
God is still good …

For a long time God’s been speaking to me about learning how to fly, getting a pilot’s licence … I know it’s kinda crazy, but why not, others have done it, too … I think this is the year to take flying lessons … please pray with me for all the necessary finances and that God will put everything in place …

Thank you for taking the time to read about things happening in my life!
And thank you so much for your support & prayers!