Aim & purpose

§ 2 Purpose of the organization

I. Purpose of the organization is to take care of orphans, the poor, street children and convicts.

II. The aim and purpose is achieved by

1)providing shelter for orphans in homes, providing them with food, medicare and education;

2) humanitarian help

3) feeding the poor

4) emergency relief

5) Self help assistance

6) Financial and educational support for schools

7) Support for convicts and work to improve their living conditions during their period in custody

8) Support for children living on the streets, financial support for their education, financial support for children without home or orphans

9) All work of the association is based on Christian values

§ 3 Charitable/ Non-profit

I. The organization only functions as charitable and Non-profit. The organization does not work for it s own profit. It is predominately a non-profit organization.

II. The financial means of the

organization can only be used for purposes in compliance with its association articles. It’s members do not receive grants from the organization. No person can receive expenses or disproportional pay. This does not affect average and adequate pay for employees of the organization.

III. Means of the organization can be used in accordance with the association articles within Germany or outside the country.

IV. The organization can raise funds for the realization of the purpose of the association articles for other charitable