Oktober 2014

My dear friends,

after being away for 3 months, two in Europe and one in America, having a great time, I am back in Africa now. I was glad to find my dogs alive & well, my car started right away and everything was still in my house. Only the pot my guard used to cook food for the dogs in it and 2 of the dog’s chains were gone but oh well, those are minor things. Funny enough just before I left they had dogs chains at the chinese store (which I had been looking for for 2 years) and I bought 2 thinking ‚maybe I need them at some point’, so that was an easy problem to resolve since I already had them. I have 3 dogs, but only 2 chains were stolen – good, since I had 2 extra ;-­‐). Way worse at my neighbour’s house, important things and things of value were stolen.  So I am grateful.  Please pray for our protection here. Quite a few missionaries had people either trying or actually stealing from them. They know we’re gone on sunday mornings but what can we do? We can’t stay home just to protect our things. Jesus & his angels will have to do that …

I’ve never been bored here but this past month since I’m back has been just as busy as the month before I left. I hope there will be a bit less sometime soon …

Guess what? My toilet is fixed – amazing, after 2 years living in this house – praise God!! Now just the repairs on my old car need to be finalized …. the mecanic has come, but only for a bit cause his boss makes him work all the time, even when he is supposed to have of … please pray with me that this project gets finished … it’s been more than 2 years as well … the owner of my house wants to buy it, so once we make the contract I won’t have to pay rent for 20 months which will free up money for other things ….

For some reason there are more streetkids than ever before … for now we’re continuing to feed them a hot meal a week, teaching them from the bible, checking on their health, everyone also just got a haircut …

2 of the oldest ones are still in prison for stealing… it is not clear for how long … they’re truely repentent …

Don’t know if you remember … the property in Augostinho Neto (a suburb of Chimoio) is now ours AND we were given a building permit within 10 days .. then God sent me a builder I could trust (hard to find here, would count it a miracle) and we started building even before I left … now the first house for the children has been built, must just do the floors, but the roof is already on, put in doors and window and the first children can live there … please pray with me for supernatural favor with social welfare & other government departments and godly people to take care of the children, would you? I really want at least some of them off the street until december, so we can enroll them in school there in january ….

My mozambican friends have been working hard on legalizing Loving the Nations here. We managed to submit our application just before the criminal records expired – thank God!! 2 weeks ago they came to see our office (my house) and the property. It was not the easiest to get everyone together at the same time. The leader of the suburb who knows us well is also a pastor had someone dying in his church the day before so he had to do a funeral that morning, but the secretary came and they were okay with it. I made a nice breakfast (mozambican style) and after asking lots of questions we went out to the property and they were quite positive. We’re hoping to get the last paper on tuesday and that they won’t ask for another one after that … . Please pray for the political
situation to stay stable, otherwise things might be really difficult …

Yes, we’re still going to the hospital … so much desperation there … this place really needs a breakthrough in the spirit!!

A few weeks ago I felt we were supposed to do something different in the prison … so instead of a service I did a teaching on evangelism with them, explaining the basic truths of the gospel, gave them each a copy of key bible verses and a suggestion of a salvation prayer; then let them pair up in twos and each one had to share the gospel with his ‘partner’ and lead him in a prayer. I heard that the days after that many shared the gospel with fellow prisoners leading them to the Lord. Then a fight broke out over food (those that created the chaos were Muslims) and the prison was closed for some time (still is). Those that had been taught continued to spread the gospel though … . Since we didn’t know what happened we came as usual on tuesdays. Somehow the guards let at least me in. The commander and others shared with me what had happened and asked me to pray to them, so I did right there and then; upon my request they allowed us to go to the part of the prison where the sick people are to pray for them. As we were in the room with a number of them I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to ask if they knew Jesus, had ever asked Him to come into their lives. Some said yes, others not yet. One of my team members prayed with someone in the local dialect, then I prayed with someone in portugese. Then 2 more that had entered the room later
insisted that they needed to be saved too. Not a problem. We couldn’t do our service that day but we prayed for the sick and 4 people were saved. That’s okay, too. We do what we can.

Even though I know the prison is closed we went back there last tuesday cause the Holy Spirit told me to just go there; the guards allowed us in and we had our regular service with our brothers there … please pray with us that we continue to find open doors … . Since I’ve been back I’ve also gone most of the thursdays to do the bible study there. It’s a different group, also very attentive and eager to learn. I’ve done it before but not regularly, would like to continue with it though, as often as I can …

The youth service is still a joy to me … this month I had the privilege of preaching &ministering … . I heard they put up the prize of rent (doubled it) but so far they haven’t said anything to me … I hope & pray it’ll stay like that … otherwise I don’t know what we’ll do ….

Been to another wedding of good friends of mine … Pastor Alfa & his wife (see pictures) …

On monday (my day of prayer & fasting) God spoke many things to me … for now I’d like to say pray with me that they become a reality and God sends the right people for each of the things … .

I’ve also been back to Zimbabwe, to the Nyanga area this time … showing the Jesus’ film, preaching, teaching, ministering … .

The first night we got to the place very late; as we were approaching a group of men were walking towards us; they had left the site and were on their way home, thinking we weren’t coming anymore … we encouraged them to go back … they denied, but still came … . The women and children were still there though rejoicing when they saw the car. It was freezing cold, but no one left. I was so cold that I had a hard time talking (preaching), but somehow I managed and there was lots of fruit … .
One of the days the generator didn’t want to work, but thank God it was during the day and people were already gathered there, so we just did without …. managed to fix it though before we needed it at night … the place we were supposed to do evangelism that night didn’t work out, so we prayed God would open up  another door and He did … at a much better place … at a shopping area …. lots of drunk and broken people there that really needed Jesus … after sharing the good news about Jesus with them & a conversion prayer almost everyone came forward for individual prayer in desperation … let me just say Jesus met them that night … .

Also, on Sunday morning the Holy Spirit was moving in the church … the sun was burning down on us, but everyone was right awake listening as God gave me word to speak into their lives …

In the weeks ahead I’ll go back to Zimbabwe with the team, do some seminars there and in Mosambik, continue visiting churches inside & outside Chimoio, have a visitor from Germany, hope to finish building the 2nd house and a machessa to meet at and much more ….

God’s been good to me …

Be blessed abundantly, protected, led and at peace,


Mai 2014

My dear friends,

don’t really know what to write to you, so many things have been happening since I last wrote you and I don’t want to write you a forever long newsletter …

Let me start with this … we’ve had another great baptism in the prison (see pictures below) … our believers were asking „do we have to wait until the end of the year to baptised?“ „Of course not“ I answered. There was great joy as celebrated those that died in Christ and are now alive with and for him …

Once again it’s a battle to find people to go to the hospital praying for/healing the sick and I’m definitely not the one convincing people that is the Holy Spirit’s job …

Our children at the center are doing well. I love going there seeing & teaching them more about Jesus & the bible…

The streetkids could still use any prayer they can get. This week instead of meeting with them at the church as we used to we went to see them in the prison. After having been there for 5 days without eating anything they managed to borrow someone’s phone and called me crying, „please bring us food, we are starving…“. As we went there the next day we found almost all of them there. I enjoy seeing & feeding them, but preferably not in the prison. I hope one day those verses we give them to memorize each week will bring forth eternal fruit in their lives.
The property in Augustinho Neto (a suburb of Chimoio) where we want to build something specifically for them is finally legally ours!!!!!!!!!!! And God gave me favor with the mere as I spoke to him, so we didn’t have to pay any property tax ($4000). Now the building plan needs to be approved …

Did I tell you, I’ve got all the papers for the car? I’ve got the mosambican registration, everything, so it’s fully „mine“ .

Things @ my house have improved as well, the storage room outside the house has finally been built (after almost 2 years), so there are not things laying around everywhere anymore and the desert around my house is slowly but surely turning into a garden . Now just fixing the toilet is missing, but even that will be fixed one day I hope & believe …

My guard got married (see picture below); he felt he as the leading pastor needed to set an example for the church that it was important to get officially married before God, not just live together as almost everyone does here – I’m proud of him!

Once a month, each first sunday of the month in the afternoon youth from various churches are still getting together to pray & worship & receive teaching at the red cross pavillion here in Chimoio. The team is great, but participation could be more at times I wish, but I guess whenever you pursue unity it’s not the masses that participate, but those who’s hearts have been refined and are longing for the kingdom to come … . One thing has never lacked in those services: the presence of God

It was a priviledge to be invited to be the preacher at the cruzades one of the churches was doing here in Chimoio each week for 2 months..

I’m enjoying to regularily teach the youth from different churches as well as mentoringmore and more youth leaders and pastors which is something I’ve always had a burden for and ’d like to do more, even though I don’t really know where to find more time.

The seminar in Macate was so amazing that I thought one seminar like that almost makes it worth it to endure staying here for a year. I wish you’d have been here to listen to their testimonies about what they’ve learnt. The one in Macossa was great, too.

Over easter & the week after I was in Zimbabwe with the team, first at a conference, then doing evanglism and visiting different churches. Some of the battles on this trip were hard to handle and we might have lost some battles, but the victories we’ve seen outpassed days of ministry in other places. Of all the trips I’ve done there was never one when the generator just wouldn’t work; we eventually managed to fix it though. At one place in the far northeast I saw the power of God move in a way I never have on any outreach we’ve done so far. There were people everywhere, so many and even when it was really late they still didn’t want to go home; we had to almost force them. What happend there I’d call a visitation. After finishing to show the Jesus film I preached the gospel as usual and led them into a salvation prayer. Then the Holy Spirit took over, words just came out of my mouth, words of knowlegde, prophetic words …. everyone (the whole crowd) was on their knees praying, even those that had just given their lives to Jesus were praying, crying out to God; no one was praying for the sick but they were getting healed all over, Jesus gave me the grace to clearly see in the spirit what He was doing and as I spoke it people received it … then we made lines for those that wanted specific prayer for something … no one left … more of God was poured out … glory, honor and praise be to jesus who sits on the throne and reigns forever and ever!!

Together in Christ,

April 2014

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Januar 2014

My dear friends,

first of all greetings to the season … hope you had a great christmas, celebrating the birth of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ … 🙂

After spending much more time in South Africa than I predicted/wanted (will tell you the whole story in a little bit) I’m finally back in Mosambik – with my NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve had a wonderful HOT christmas with our children … having mosambican celebration food (rice & chicken), lots of presents, new clothes for everyone … and lots of FUN … 🙂

So many things happened since I last wrote you (as usual) …

Youth services filled with the Presence of God (for 1 I wasn’t there cause I was stuck in S.A – the team did very well – that’s my favourite & I’m grateful the H.S. urged me to pay the rent up front , before I left for S.A., even though there were still more than 3 weeks until the date) … .

God gave me supernatural favor speaking to the prison director to continue our services at least every other week … we had a great baptism celebration, baptising 37 prisoners in november and a special christmas service on the 24 of december (I asked for 300 people and they allowed 300 to participate – that’s a miracle!) … people were dancing, worshipping, hearing the christmas story, giving their lives to Jesus, receiving prayer, getting healing, delivered, being filled with the H.S., getting food … glory to GOD!!

On the 26th of december we did a special lunch, sweets, softdrinks, clothes … for the streetchildren with whom we’re still meeting every week … . Please keep the property of the streetkids in prayer (the paperwork ….), also that the God sends the right people to take care of them once houses have been built so they can live with us … .

God added some team members to the hospital team (which is really an answer to prayer)…

Now let me tell me at least a little bit about the story of how God gave me the new car …

At first I was thinking to get a car from Japan like most people do here these days … well, I tried … 3 times I picked a car on the internet and 3 times as I was about to do the payment someone else bought it just at that moment. So I asked the Lord why things just didn’t work … and immidiately I got an answer „your car is not coming from Japan, your car is coming form South Africa“. Hm. That was clear. Now everyone told me, „don’t buy a car in S.A., you won’t get it to Mosambik“. So I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Eventually I decided, despite of everything that made sense to obey the voice I heard. And it really wasn’t easy, but because of the word God had spoken He made it possible. God provided places to stay (even that seemed impossible at first to my surprise, but then God opened other doors through people I didn’t know before) and people were helping me to go to places and get it done.

The day before I was about to go down to S.A. was a sunday & I felt I was supposed to go to the International church. When they asked about prayer requests I asked for prayer for my trip down to S.A. going by myself on these buses, in Johannisburg, finding the right car … . Then someone said, why I am not going with some other people that are also going there the next day. Well, I hadn’t known. He asked them if they could take me and they didn’t mind. They were leaving the day and even the time I had planned to go … wow … picked me up at my house and gave me a ride all the way to Jo’burg … when God plans things … J.

Then someone picked me up and dropped me off at the appartment of 2 egyptian girls. May God bless them for everything they did for me. Within their busy scedule they freed some time to take me to dealerships in the area. Everyone told us the same thing: „The car you’re looking for is the most wanted car in the whole of South Africa and the money you have is very little, you won’t find one for that price“. We kept telling them together in faith: „We’ll find it.“ We really only spent a couple hours on tuesday (the day I arrived) and wednesday looking for cars. On thursday they were busy with other things, so I asked if I could use their internet. They went to buy „airtime“. I typed „toyota hilux, 4×4, south africa“ – don’t really know how to do these things – and the very first car that came up looked good to me. It could have been anywhere in South Africa though and expensive and …. but looking at it I felt it was the car God had for me. Still looking at the picture the phone rang; it was one of their friends that had also been looking on the internet – and guess what?! He found the very same car. The difference is he knows how to do these things on the internet, I don’t. The girls felt it was God and decided to leave the things they were doing and go there. Now their car had a radiator leak and wouldn’t even have taken us there, but buy faith we left… . As we were at the gaz station their phone rang. Their friend again, the one who had found the car, too. For some reason that very day the internet at the company he was working at wasn’t working and his boss sent everyone home. Now this had never happened before!! Now we had a car that could actually take us to the place where the car was, which was about a 1 hour drive. He offered to come and pick us up; so we went there together.

Someone else had wanted to buy the car 2 weeks before but somehow it fell through, which brought down the prize quite a bit.

Before I went to S.A. I had made a list of what I thought was important … toyota hilux, double cab, with the canapee already on (so there wouldn’t be extra expenses), 4×4, manual (no automatic), diesel, low milage, good running condition, service history available, 1 owner, around $ 10.000 and a radio with a CD player & flash. It had EVERYTHING!! And on top of it security windows that can’t be broken, a double tank (140liters) which is very helpful going to the bush where there is no gaz station and it’s a very nice colour… J.

The day we went there the person doing the payment wasn’t there, so I had to come back the next day. We figured out a plan to make it work to come back there and I paid with online banking sending them the confirmation. Well, I thought I paid. Then went back to Mosambik by bus L cause there were some things I really couldn’t miss here. I had finish the teaching on baptism, take care of the rent of the place we do the youth service, meet with the team and do the baptism in the prison, see the children, then I went down by bus again L. These buses really are a nightmare and you have to be on them for 24 hours, besides other buses you have to take before and after. By the grace of God only …!

In the meantime the dealership told me the money wasn’t showing up in their account. Well, we found out, it had gone to someone else’s account cause the iban number the dealership had given me wrongly was unfortunately someone else’s account number … . From the moment I „paid“ until the money was in the right account it took 1 month (!). First, the owner of the account was out of the country, so nothing could be done cause with international money transfers the person who received the money must be informed first. Second, the bank was slow to move, but I guess a lot of prayer got them moving eventually. I knew buying a car in S.A. and importing it into Mosambik would be difficult, but certain problems I didn’t count on. I could write a book just about how this bank issue was resolved, but I won’t , so to make it short, eventually both banks, the bank of the dealership and my german bank made an exception that against bank rules the money wouldn’t be send back to Germany and then back to S.A., but be put directly into the right account. Praise God!!

So the first 2 weeks back in S.A. I spent just to resolve the bank issue – crazy! I hadn’t even done any of the paperwork cause the dealership wouldn’t give the car without having the money in their account. Then that battle started. The dealership was supposed to be helping me, but their boss refused. They wanted me to put the car in my name in S.A. (iligally, by bribing the traffic department), but as you know I don’t do those kinda things. I chose the difficult path, doing it the legal way, but God was with me and every miracle that needed to happen happend. May I just share 2 examples?

I needed a „police clearance“. So I went to the traffic department and asked at the information what was necessary for that. They explained and gave me a form to fill out and told me to go to the last window on the right. I handed in the form and a copy of my passport as the lady asked. She put everything in the computer and told me to go there, so I did. The inspector there chased me away cause the car registration paper was still in the dealership’s name and also it said Johannesburg, not Benoni, which is where I stayed. I went back to the traffic department wanting to give back the form which I had found out they were not supposed to give to me, but they refused to take it back and take it out of their system (which was God). After that I called the dealership (the person who sold me the car), explaing what the inspector told me, but his boss blocked the way of helping me (doing what was their responsibility). Well, God is ALWAYS BIGGER. I felt the only thing i could do was going back to the person (the inspector) that had previously chased me away and ask what I should do now cause I really didn’t know what to do anymore. When I showed up at the door of his office he looked at me and asked, what I wanted here cause he had already told me to go to Johannesburg. I said, that I heard what he said and I had called the dealership as he asked me, but they were refusing and I didn’t know what to do now. He asked again for my car registration and then told me, „I’ll help you, come back tomorrow morning before 8 a.m to be the first person to be attended“ – wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came back the next morning early as I was told and put my car in the already existing que; then went to his office. He greeted me and asked where my car was. „In the que“ I answered. „Why did you put it in the que? Bring it inside, you have an appointment with me“. „Ah, okay, sorry, I didn’t know … .“ He gave me a form to fill out and my car really was the first one being inspected. Their system wasn’t working that morning but he tried anyways putting it into the computer (I had prayed in the meantime) and when I asked about it he answered „it wasn’t working, but now it is, but maybe only for special people like you“. Only God can change someone’s heart like that. I was still the same person but after lots of prayer went up to the throne of grace the way I was treated was completely different J.

I could tell you many more stories like this one, but I don’t want to bore you, so maybe just one more, then that’s enough for today. Those of you that accompanied the whole process heard about a thing called the ‚mos nr“ which in the end enables you to get a mosambican license plate. It’s supposed to take 3 days max, but after 1 month i still didn’t have it. The person doing my paperwork on the mosambican side kept on calling them, but nothing moved forward, so eventually he said, you just call them yourself. I did. When I called the first time the lady promised to call the person doing my paperwork, but of course never did. 2 days later I called again, speaking to a different person who for some reason (God moved his heart i think) decided to sort out the issue and stayed in the office until 8 p.m (they usually close at 3.30 p.m, then everyone goes home) and then called me at 7.30 a.m the next morning asking for something to finalize the process and by 8.30 a.m he called again to give me the number. When I thanked him he said, just said thank God (we had talked about me being a missionary …). Then their inspection (it’s called intertek) was being done in South Africa and after that it was supposed to take at least 2 more weeks before I’d get the document from Maputo which I needed to officially import the car. I told God I really can’t wait that long any more, it’s almost christmas and I need to be back with the children. I told the person doing my paperwork, it’ll only take 2 days, not 2 weeks and we were arguing over the phone cause he didn’t want to believe me cause he was going with his experience and I was making a statement of faith which I felt the H.S. asked me to make. And it really only took 2 days being sent from S.A., processed in Maputo and forwarded to Beira and being picked up from there to be taken to Manica where the customs office is!! The power of our words spoken in faith … .

It was challenging to pass 2 borders, but we managed and the car didn’t stay with the customs people as predicted, but I was able to take it straight to my house … J!! And it has already been used and will continue to be used for the glory of God …

Have a blessed NEW YEAR, joy & peace that doesn’t depend on circumstances, lots of grace …

Be full of the love of Jesus,