Dezember 2011

Hello everyone,

greetings of the season & merry christmas to all of you!

Our children are on holidays … school ended at the end of october fort the smaller ones and mid-november for the older ones that had exames.

A couple weeks ago I tried out something new with the older boys at our centre that I do bible studies with on saturdays. I’ve been teaching them for a long time now and I decided it’s about time that they learn how to teach and preach or at least give a word of encouragement. I wondered how they’d respond to my suggestion of making them do that, each week a different person would be chosen to share something they’ve learnt the week before for about 5 minutes. To my surprise they’re not only excited about it, but even arguing over who’s turn it is. They all want to do it. How fun is that?!

On december 23rd we went to Maforga, a beautiful place about 40 minutes away from Chimoio, we did the bible study there, baptised those that hadn’t been baptised (spontaniously), had nice food and lots of fun (see pictures below) … 🙂

To be honest with you Iris Ministries is kinda short of money at the moment, but I believe the financial miracle that we need this month will happen. God is always faithful. Anyways, what I was going to say is that when I was in Germany this summer I received an offering to buy a present for each child for christmas and make a nice meal for them. So we had a nice present for each one of them, jummy mosambican food and apple cake as well (see pictures below)! God knew when I didn’t know …

The weather has been crazy lately, one day it is beyond hot (over 40° C), then the next day it is cold that you need a good sweater … I wish it’d be one or the other so I could get used to one of the two …

A number of my old friends from Dondo came to see me lately – nice!

We had another amazing youth service or maybe I should say 2 other amazing services … each time there are more people and more presence of the Lord – keep praying for more!

At our last team meeting I told the team that our contract ended by the end of the year and we needed to talk about whether we should continue or not. Almost out of mouth the answer came: „Of course we need to continue!“, „Wherever“, one of them said „even if it’s under a tree, but stoping – no way!“ „ok, ok“ I said. As long as God takes care of the finances I was thinking …

The prison is finally open!! Against everything people said it did not only open next year, but this year – praise the Lord – and thanks to everyone that has been praying for that to happen! And please keep praying that nothing else happens …

We had a good meeting with the prison comander (the highest authority there) last thursday and were authorized to start our services again!!

I was blessed by some of the guys of my hospital ministry team that all of a sudden started talking about they really need to pray fort the sick in this hospital every day in their homes cause Jesus needs to do something here … they’re getting a burden – good!

Two of the former streetkids are still at our centre; they’ve really become a part of the family :-). Another one we managed to reintegrate, he’s living with his grandmother here in Chimoio and 5 other ones are temporarily staying in a house of one of the churches here in Chimoio that was built for a preschool. It is not the perfect solution cause there is no adult supervision, but at least they are not sleeping on the street where they constantly get beaten and stolen from the little they have during the night. Also the pastor and the people from the church are trying their best to give food to them.

Also, I was in Zimbabwe again, for 10 days this time. It was a good trip, only this car … 🙁 ! After we had been traveling and ministering for a few days my steering pump decided to finally give up. We took of some parts and put one of the wheel nuts on it, so we wouldn’t loose it completely (bushmecanics), but it was hard to drive; it was like driving one of these 30 year old trucks where the steering just doesn’t wanna turn … my wrists still hurt a bit from it … but at least after 3 days like that the Lord had mercy on me, we found another one (from an other old Isuzu) and the mecanic gave it to me for the money I had (which was not much by then) – thank God! It wasn’t too bad on the main roads, but once we drove off road it had been a nightmare … .

I can only repeat myself, it’s time for a new car and honestly I do believe this coming year I’ll be given another one. At this present moment my car is once again in pieces and this time it is serious, various old leaks, water mixed with oil in the radiator, possibly going into the engine and some other things. I am not a mecanic but this is obviously that is not good. And engine parts are expensive. God only knows. Sometimes I wonder how we even manage to do all these trips with this car and each time we’ve been able to get back. Praise God! So many things here depend on my/this car. We can’t stop going … . I’d also like to know where „my“ plane is stuck … .

Anyways, let me rather talk about what God did … . Each time we needed it God stopped the rain, so people could see the life of Jesus and/or hear the good news about Him. There were days when it was literally pouring down rain when we wanted to set up, but our God is the God who opens and closes the sky acording to his will and as long as we pray and have faith. Sometimes I wonder how people choose to not believe in God.

We saw MANY salvations, as well as healings and deliverances. Maybe just one example … when we were in a place far off the main road we were asked to pray for a baby that was obviously quite demonized (no wonder since the mother had taken it to the witch doctor) and also very sick, it could barely breath we saw the miracle of deliverance and imidiate healing in front of our eyes within just a few minutes. Thanks be to our Father!

With love & apreciation to all of you,


Oktober 2011

My dear friends, as many of you know I’ve been on the road quite a bit these last couple of months … visiting family, friends and churches, preaching, sharing, 2 conferences/festivals … . I was in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Denmark, Poland and Russia. It was all good …
It was a priviledge to get to know the leaders of the streetchurch in Warzwa (Poland), a christlike ministry in my opinion, giving out food, spiritual and physical to the homeless, caring about & praying for them, showing them God’s love … on a very central place right downtown. We were also asked to teach about healing and hearing God’s voice, so we did that. What a hunger those that came had for more of God! It might not have been the last time I’ve been there … .
Let me share some more about Russia … Besides that this visa for Russia cost a whole lot of money I’d say it could be another story for ‚my book‘ I always joke about ‚my experiences with visas, embassies and God’s miracles‘. The day I needed to apply for my visa I got home at 2 in the morning (led by the Lord with the exact same subway as the one who’s computer I wanted to use to check my emails (I was in Munich at that point in time), but there was no invitation letter!! Grrr! I wrote again that I really needed the invitation otherwise I won’t be able to come and teach at their mission school; then I went to bed. Up early the next morning ‚cause there were many things to do before the embassy closes at noon. Before leaving the house I checked my mails again. Still no invitation, but an email telling me he was hoping to have it in 2 hours (meaning at 10 a.m). Ok. Let’s do what I can in the meantime. The friends I was staying with took me to the bank they have their account at hoping I’d be able to transfer money from their account. The russian embassy wants a money transfer stamped by the bank, so no online banking possibilities or so. That worked out. Then off to a big shopping mall of which I had heard you could get biometrical passport pictures in one of the shops there. It was not open yet, so I thought I might as well get something I could eat for breakfast. As they finally opened (at 9.30 a.m) I asked one of the workers there about a place that does printouts. He didn’t think there was one, but after I kept asking if there really wasn’t a place he suggested one of the bookshops. So after I got my passport pictures I decided to give it a try there. The emplyees there told me „yes, we have internet, but only for workers“. I asked about another place anywhere close by, but there was none. So I thought then I need to do it here. Finally I was sent upstairs to speak to the manager, but he was not around (as usual). However, the ladies behind the cashier felt compeled to help me and let me check my emails behind the cashier. Yes, the invitation letter was there – finally – Halleluja! Then I was told that their printer doesn’t work, but I could try if I wanted. I couldn’t believe it, now as I finally had the invitation I couldn’t print it out?! No way! I commanded the printer to work in Jesus’ name (what else?) and with a surprised look on her face that nice lady gave me the paper that had been printed out at the other end of the store. Off to the embassy. I made it on time and even though they wanted the original invitation they accepted the copy for now and we agreed I’d bring the original when I come to pick up the visa. They also agreed on earlier pick-up date after I asked them (I wouldn’t have known how I should have done it otherwise since I was about to go to Denmark and Poland – which of course is not their problem). Then off to a close by coffeeshop where I was supposed to be meeting another friend. I was on time for a change. But since she was not there yet I decided to try to find someone who’d allow me to use their laptop for ‚a minute‘, so I could write another email to Russia, telling them I still needed the original letter and that quickly (within 3 days) and where to send it to. I found someone and to shorten it up the invitation came within 2 days, the visa was ready the day I came for pick-up and everything else also worked out … . The ‚airport pick-up’ was interesting ‚cause those that came to pick me up did not speak a word of german or english or of any other language I kinda know and my russian is limited to spasiba(which means thank you) … so communication only with hands and feet … . God was very much present as I was teaching in their mission school. Amazing people. The first day I just talked about this and that, afterwards wondering why, until different students came up to me telling me that what I talked about was exactly what Jesus just told them during their prayer time this morning; so they needed to hear it as a confirmation. Then some ‚real teaching’, stories of my missionary life and communion in a non-religious way (explaining to them Jesus used what was there, which would be tea in russia; so we did with tea and I had brought some german sweets, so we used those … . The funny thing was that at that exact moment 3 local pastors from that town walked in … God knows … .
And I’ve experienced russian hospitality (after preaching) – lots of nice food !
Finally God had mercy on me and he answered my prayer to have a bit of summer, sun and swimming, being outside … He also granted my request for an opportunity to fly, myself as a pilot I mean … and I really needed some practice … it was very helpful … more opportunities wouldn’t be bad but only God could work that out here in Mosambik … maybe you could pray with me for a miracle in this area or my own plane showing up soon or whatever … . Many have asked me … „have you gone to the dentist?“ The answer is „yes“. Jesus took care of that as well. I guess it’d have cost a fortune if I had had to pay for that bill. I didn’t ask for it, the dentist was the one who asked me to come and get my teeth fixed …. 3 of them needed quite some work to be done … done now though … . It was nice to see & talk to many of you … – if it didn’t work out with you this year – maybe next year? Thanks to everyone who treated me for coffee, breakfast, a meal or something else! Back here I had a really nice welcome … it was pouring down rain and hail, the whole city pitch dark (without electricity), streets under (!) water, no water at my house to take a shower though, but lots (!) of dirt (how bad it was I could only see the next day when there was daylight) … . One of the boys (our orfan boys that lives with us) brought me a candle – so I could at least see a bit … . I swept the floor and organised a matrace, a sheet, a blanket, a pillow and a moskito net for my visitar that had come with me from Germany – that needed to be enough for that night. After being gone for such a long time of course there was no food in my fridge. So we had dinner together with the missionary family I am living with. We just shared what there was, rice and a sauce. Yes, welcome back … . But at least there were no rats or kakroaches in my house (they are not allowed in) – you should always see the positive things …!
This past sunday was our citywide youth service again. There wasn’t a whole lot of time to organize things, but everything worked out (covered in prayer). God was good … . I wanted to speak to them ‚cause last month (september) they had not been able to do the service (even though they had paid), simply because that sunday the guard with the key had not been there to open the door. So I wanted to ask if we could use the receipt from last month for this month. And at the moment I got there the director of the school came out and we started talking. He understood and made sure we didn’t have to pay again which was really amazing ‚cause usually they are not up for things like that here, they just want money.
Every time it is hoping and praying that people would come. Usually at 4 p.m (which is the beginning time of the service) hardly anyone is there, but eventually people show up. Pretty much everyone that comes is very receptive and most of them very much on fire for Jesus. The prayer times are a joy with so many praying with all of their heart and full of the Holy Spirit. Here everyone prays at the same time. The team persuaded me to preach since I had been gone. Eventually I gave in (I am not so fond of that cause I want them to do the service) and God gave me a message about his heart for the lost . Today (tuesday) I saw some fruit already, some came for the prison and hospital ministry … yes, Lord!
I’ve also been preaching in the churches around on sundays … Our kids … are well, still growing a lot in the Lord, knowing Him more and more,understanding His Word better and better …; our Father in heaven is helping us to take care of them …
I need to find a new place where I can meet with the streetkids because the church whose building I had used moved somewhere else. For now I meet with them in a park in town which is not that great ‚cause they easily get distracted, but until I find something else … . In the prison … When I came back I found out no one had been allowed to leave their cells due to an uproar because of the lack of food, so the entire prison was closed for 2 weeks; then as soon as that was over during the heavy rains the 6 meter high wall collapsed at 2 places … another reason for keeping everyone in their cells and no one allowed in or out for another 2 weeks … so again no possibility for a ‚church service’. They finally finished the repairs yesterday. Please pray that there will not be any other problem. God has been moving in the prison and many lives have been touched & transformed and it looks like someone is not so happy about that … . In the hospital … We went (as usual) once a week. With these conditions in this hospital here … only Jesus can help them! Today some foreign docter complained about us praying there but I just told him the patients want our prayers and the hospital staff from here who is in our favor just told me to go ahead. Can’t be bothered about people who don’t understand the things of God … . There is way to much Malaria lately, especially among the missionaries. Please keep us in prayer … . Many missionaries are leaving at the moment and many will leave until the end of the year. The worldwide economic crises is impacting their finances and they simply don’t have the money anymore to live here. Things are very expensive here, especially rent is very high and our residence permits (it hurts to pay 700 dollars per year just to be allowed to be here and help people; it used to be $50). Prices have gone up like crazy … a roll of crappy toilet paper is $1, joghurt $7, a small piece of cheese at least $10 …, just to mention some. It’s not nice when friends are leaving, but I can’t change it. I have decided, I will stay until the Lord tells me to move somwhere else. And until then I will have the money for all necessary ministry and personal expenses!! I am kinda devided when I think about „my car“. I know it is the car the Lord has given me (at least for now), but it really is a bit old now (more than 20 years) and not exactly an okay car to go the african bush. On the other hand I miraculously passed the car inspection in june – even though it didn’t have all the necessary requirements. I fixed what I could, then I left it in the hands of the Lord. And they even gave me a year and a half, until january 2013! I have talked to many, but no one (!) got so long. No, I didn’t give them money (I don’t do such things), I simply prayed and told them that in Germany we get 2 years after each car inspection. I was told, ‚we are not in Germany here’. I agreed, but told them that all the machines they use to check the cars are made in Germany. Sometimes you just have to give it a try … . So far I’ve always managed to get there and back and I never (!) had to cut a trip short due to car problems, what is at least a miracle. I guess, I’ll continue to go whenever and wherever God tells me. People always tell me that ‚my car’ is a blessed one and I guess that’s true considering all the things this poor vehicule has to put up with. And in some way it glorifies God since it is so obvious that what I am doing with this car would not be possible without Him … . This the time of the year again where people burn down their fields to plant corn/maize, so besides the smoke of burning trash there is a lot more smoke hanging over the land and sometimes you can barely see the sun. It looks a bit like the end of the world, the sky gets darkened … . In Chimoio it is a bit better though than in Catandica (where I lived before) … . My new laptop (on which I am writing to you) is really a blessing! While I was in Germany last year I had been looking around a bit ‚cause I knew I needed a new laptop, best a Mac. I saw one I really liked, but it was (too) expensive. I didn’t tell anyone that as far as I am concerned I’d really like one of those – except Jesus – and that is exactly the one I was given when I went back to Germany this summer. God is good and thanks to the couple who gave it to me – what a blessing!
Thanks also to those who organized the cable (the mosambican electricity had burnt) for my old laptop, all the way from Singapur, so I could save all the information that was on there … .
What would I do without all of you?! I’d like to use this opportuniy to thank those of you that are supporting me (and us) financially and are trusting me that I’d use your support for the things God wants them to be used … .

Love & hugs! Greetings from the madness … Claudia

P.S.: once more … adress for letters & parcels…
Claudia Bernhardt
Postbox 1237

(please save it somewhere, ok?! And if I may ask you not to send more than 2 kg at a time, rather 2 or 3 times 2 kg … the fees they charge here to get a bigger parcel are beyond … – that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate parcels – I do!!) P.P.S.: Next time I’ll send you pictures again, ok?

Juni 2011

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Chimoio/Mosambik!

Those that are friends with me on facebook know it already … we took in new children … . This has been my desire for a long time, even though it’s not always easy for them to get used to a diffrent life, like going to school, doing chores … .

With the other streetkids I still meet once a week (the number is growing). When I parked ‚my‘ car there last week a radioreporter came towards me to do an interview with me. He was asking me ‚why I’d always meet with these kids, what I’d do with them …‘ . It was a good oportunity to testify about God’s heart for the lost, forgotten, rejected …; it was send that night as I’ve heard from people who listened to it.

On june 1st was children’s day here in Mosambik which has to be celebrated. The rest of the year nobody cares about children here, but anyways. There was nice food, fun & games … .

It is not the easiest to buy clothes for our children … I like doing it, but to find something for each one is a challenge … sometimes I dream how nice it’d be to go to one of these western department stores where you can quickly pick clothes organised according to sizes. Here you have to dig through piles of clothes at the 2nd hand market, that come from Europe and Amerika to find the right shirt, pans, socks, shoes or whatever for all our children. I always pray that God helps me to find something suitable for each one … .

On thursdays I still do bible stories & colouring for the children and they still love it … .

In the hospital …

Usually we just pray in faith ‚cause most of the time we don’t see them anymore afterwards, but a while ago one of our workers was in the hospital with her children, both with Malaria … they didn’t even respond … later on she told us that her boy was better right away and her girl also soon after … on with Dr. Jesus this is possible … !

In the prison …

It is still a battle. The kingdom is coming and manifesting more and more. Someone else doesn’t seem to be happy about that, but in everything we overcome by FAR through Him, who loves us! The prison needs lots of prayer, but okay, we can do that. This week there were many new prisoners in our service and about 30 of them gave their lives to Jesus, inviting Him to bring the necessary change – praise God!

Youth service

Another desire which I’ve had for a long time was to start a citywide youth service, inviting youths from all the different churches, encourage & equip them, see the untiy among the churches grow, worship and intercede together … . I believe this was/is not my idea, but God’s.

The first one was on may 1st. The worship team of Peniel church did an amazing job. As soon as they started to play the presence of God filled the room. I had the priviledge to preach and then we prayed, but not a little bit of prayer, but intercession that came from our hearts for at least half an hour … . Everyone was telling me that those services need to continue. So next one was on june 5th and it was truely amazing as well …!

I signed a contract to rent the hall in faith for each 1st sunday of the month until the end of the year. The Lord needs to make sure the rent gets paid, but we definitely need to continue. We didn’t make an altar call (which I usually do), but I just heard this week from someone from the team that some people gave their lives to Jesus that day and are coming to their church ever since – well, praise God!

Evangelism in Chimoio …

One of the people of my ‚prison team‘ invited me to come and preach the gospel in his area last saturday. The sound stuff into the car and off I went with our older boys from the center. Once we set up people gathered and lots of them! Most of those who stayed and listened to the message asked Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin and invited him to take over their lives. It was good …

Did I already tell you that we had the chance to open us the „Assemblea“ (provincial counsel) in prayer, for the 1st time in history. God had put on my heart to get in touch with the leader of the assembly – no more witches doing their stuff there – I’ve heard a number of testimonies that the last 2 assemblies (one just last week) were completely different than those before, God’s presence was felt, there was a peace, everything went well … . I was there with 5 other christians from different churches of our city Chimoio.

I was in Zimbabwe again …

First 8 days over easter … on the road the day the easter holidays started it took a while to cross the border 🙂 … . We first went to Harare… preaching the gospel to lovely kids in Epworth … . The next day we visited an old friend, went horseback riding (yes, really!), had a nice barbeque and prayer time together. Then off to Chinuze the day after … evangelism … many healings … teachings the next day …, off to Nyanga area where we had dinner & lots of time to fellowship with our friends there. My eyes still find it difficult to get used to the smoke that comes from cooking over the open fire in those closed up kitchens. ‚My‘ poor car also suffers quite a bit on these „roads“. What God did at the place where we evangelised in the evening was special .. we showed the Jesusfilm in front of shops and bars … many many came and were touched that night and as a result decided to give their lives to Jesus that night. They stayed for a long time wanting prayer.

On the way to Gutu, to the annual conference of the ‚Pentecostal Apostolic church‘, where I’ve already been having the priviledge to preach for the last 2 years we passed by in Rusape to see Pastor David with whom we’ve done lots of ministry together there. This time we didn’t sleep as much like sardines like last time in the classroom I slept in and also I didn’t sleep directly in front of the door – praise God!

Our last stop was Mashvingo. Thank God we didn’t get shot by the about 200 military soldiers that came towards us on the way there. There was a strong presence of the Lord in the service there. After that once more God needed to help me not to fall asleep driving; the guys in the car with me also did a good job talking to me to keep me awake. It is always hard after the 1 week or more evangelism/ministry trips with hardy any sleeep to drive back for hours and hours.

Speeking of ‚my‘ car … you will hardly believe it, but there is an inspection now which all vehicles have to go through until july 1st … I am not looking forward to that with my 20 year old car … and it’s not cheap … if something is broken you have to pay again – exciting … .

Anyways. I was in Zimbabwe again 2 weeks ago. I had called Pastor Simon before, but his english is not that good so I wasn’t sure that he really understood, if he’d be at the place we agreed on, informed the people …, but we live by faith not by sight, so we left hoping and believing it’d all work out. And praise God after waiting for about an hour (after we had already been late for an hour) he showed up at the place we agreed on meeting. The place we went for ministry that night was a lot further than I had thought and of course off road. When we stopped far into the mounatains something smelt burnt and smoke came out of my hood – great! At least we were already close. The problem was the breaks which didn’t work anymore the rest of the trip. I have to admit that after driving hundreds of kilometers up and down the mountains without breaks and arriving safely back in Chimoio I was asking myself the question if you really need breaks or what exactly you need them for? . The road to our 2nd place of evangelism was … … through rivers, over big rocks, stuck in the mud … . In the evening we showed the Jesusfilm again in front of a bar. And on sunday we had a very blessed time with the church there … .

Let me say something positive concerning ‚my Auto‘ … a few weeks ago my window where I sit as a driver didn’t want to roll up (the only electrical thing in ‚my‘ car!) und that as we wanted to go into the prison doing our weekly service here. So I asked them to please be allowed to park my car inside just for this time so we could keep an eye on it. AFTER it needed to go to the garage though … they immidiately started trying to fix it which took way long than I liked … until it was time to go to the hospital … I left them the broken part … the prayer for the sick should still happen despite of the sickness of ‚my‘ car … when I came back I had to listen to some complaints … ‚I should have stayed so they could have checked whether it works or not‘ … I told them it’ll work in Jesus’name … and it did … to their surprise … AND they didn’t even charge me anything … Halleluja!! Whoever seeks first the kingdom of God … . Since I’m living in Mosambik I’ve never heard of anyone that took his car into the garage, where it was repaired for hours and didn’t pay anything, but with God ALL things are possible!!

I’ll be going to Germany/Europe soon (june 23rd) for a time of visiting people, resting and ministering there …

Blessings and more blessings,

peace & grace,


P.S.: To the pictures …

at our children’s center … the new built playground in front of the new boy’s house

at our house … the boys eating sugarcane which we were given when we visited (I preached) at the church in Amatongas

view into our freezer … lovely food like a cowhead, a pighead, dead chickens …

3 pictures of the evanglism in Chinuze

in a zimbabwian kitchen

showing the Jesus film in the Nyanga area

at the conference of P.A.C in Gutu

März 2011

My dear friends,

yes, I am back in Mosambik, Afrika!

After I finished my pilot’s license I was able to spend christmas with my family in Germany (if I remember right for the first time in 10 years) – a beautiful white christmas with lots of nice german food – then got things ready to go and it was already time to hopp on a plane again.

As usual I had to fly over South Africa; my wonderful friends Rassie & Marietje from Pretoria came to pick me up from the airport late at night and drove me back to the airport the next morning – thank God. I had already been thinking of spending the night at the Johanisburg airport which was an option, but not a good one … .

My lagguage arrived with me in Mosambik – praise God! The people who said they’d come and pick me up weren´t there (they simply forgot), but someone else whom I hadn’t expected ‚cause I hadn’t asked her was there. God always takes care of me … 🙂

After spending several days in Beira, also seeing people in Dondo, I went to Chimoio with Joao & Jennifer who had come to pick me up. Being gone so long I had almost forgotten how crazy the traffic/driving is here … .

My house was dirty(!!) but the kids came to welcome me and helped me clean so it wasn’t too much work. And the Lord has answered my prayer ’no rats in my house‘ – yes, Lord!! Maybe you think what’s that big of a deal about that? Well, these rats here destroy about everything, they don’t only eat your food, but also everthing made out of plastic, your books, dokuments, clothes, blankets, matraces … pretty much everything! Another thing I prayed for was ’no cacroaches and that God’d kill all the cacroaches that dare to enter in‘; as I entered my bathroom lots of dead cacroaches and moskitos everywhere, but no alive ones. I asked every single person if they had sprayed anything to kill them, but they hadn’t. I was thinking I better believe my own prayers … . Nothing is too big and nothing too small for our God!

After getting resettled I immidiately went to see people; others came to see me – it was fun … :-)!

I’ve been visiting the churches, as I used to before, a diffrent church each sunday. Yes, I go there to minister, but it’s also a blessing for me to be with them, worship, pray and fellowship with them …

I think, I need a new car for driving the long distances – I don’t mind doing things by faith, but a bit of a safer option would be good, too …

The prison and the hospital team have grown since I am back which is a big answer to prayer. Please continue praying for more laborers for the harvest though.

Besides our regular services that we do on tuesdays in the prison which are amazing each time we finally got to do a baptism there! We baptised 37 people!! And I really felt they were ready. I have to tell you though that it was quite a battle. Someone didn’t want this to happen it seemed. When we finally had the permission, everything organised … as I got home from the prison the day before the truck which I needed to go to Gondola to get the water tank was not there. Maybe to explain to you, there is only a little bit of water in the prison sometimes (which is kinda a disaster) so we had to organise water for the bapstism. The people from the church had borrowed the truck and they didn’t bring it back when they were supposed to. Anyways, thank God for Joao & Jennifer who eventually went with me to Gondola and we put the tank on top of their landrover … by then it was nighttime/dark already … . When we were filling up the tank in the morning something on the bottom broke and all the water went out; as we were trying to fix it we were wet all over and full of mud. Anyways, there was nothing we could do except to start all over again after we fixed the problem. My bathroom was also full of mud as we were trying to fill up 20 liter water containers and carry them to the truck as quickly as possible to fill up the 1000 liter tank. This made us an hour late which usually doesn’t matter in Afrika, but there are some places like some schools and the prison that do work according to time. I don’t know how, but despite of all the obstacles we still managed to finish only 20 minutes late and they tolerated it. Each prisoner that got baptised publicly confessed his faith in christ. What was exciting, too, was that we got to baptise 7 women ‚cause they always make the women work and hardly allow them to participate in our services. As you can probably imagine the water was discustingly dirty with all these people entering. Who knows when they last took a bath/shower?! And I don’t want to know all the sicknesses they have. But in everything we trust God that he protects us and takes care of us as we give our lives to Him. I count it a priviledge to havebaptised these people with one of the pastors.

In the hospital … yes, we are still going, knowing for most of them only God can save them, the available medicine doesn’t help much. There are so many women loosing their babies; it is sad. Sometimes I take the time to talk to one of them and encourage them in the Lord, telling them that there is hope and they ‚ll be with their children again when they are christians … .

God did a miracle with one of the woman of my team. About 2 weeks ago after we finished praying for everyone in the hospital we went to Sharon’s house ‚cause we heard she was sick and we found her laying on a strawmat, not able to sit up, eat or talk. Indeed, she was not only sick, but VERY sick. She had stopped breathing various time throughout the night, was having constant diarrhea and vomitting; she had Malaria but I think she had colera, too, but whatever. She definitely had no strength left in her body. The Lord organised it in a way that we and two other people from the prison team arrived at the exact same time, as well as some people from her church. Of course we prayed for her – and God raised her up!!

As I came to her house the following day to check on her I found a diferent person, sitting up, talking, eating and full of life – only God can do that!!

It is a joy to see our children growing in the Lord. They are so hungry to know more. Last week as I was sharing with them about Elijah being feed by ravens during a drought, time of famine I asked them … ‚if there is no rain in Mosambik and the fields don‘ t grow so there is no food – will you still eat‘? They thought for a moment and responded in one accord „yes, we will eat, God will give us food!“ What a blessing to see their faith.

The children living on the street here in Chimoio are really cute, too, at times. When I went to Beira a couple weeks ago they came to the „bus station“ ‚cause they knew I was going there and kept on standing in front of the bus waving good-bye.

I am still getting together with them each week, giving them spiritual food and food for their bodies (a meal). We are trying to get some of them living with us at our childrens center as soon as possible (before more of them will be sold). Please pray that social welfare is cooperating with us in that.

It is not always easy to live in a place where you have to pray for almost everything, but on the other hand we constantly see God taking care of us and answer our little prayers that are so unimportant to the rest of the world, like for example we prayed that the only grocery store in town would have joghurt and cheese and for an affordable price and they had both and on sale for a ridiculously cheap price!! Our father takes care of us … 🙂

Blessings & love,


P.S.: Please keep praying with me for a plane and a team that has been prepared by the Lord to go with me all over Africa speaking about and showing the love of God …