Juni 2009

Dear friends,

greetings from Mosambik!
How are you??

Life here has been crazy as usual…
I’ve been out in the bush with my friend Katja updating the lists of the orfans in our churches we’re supporting through Iris Ministries, taking pictures and giving food to them.
At first we went down to Machaze, a place that doesnt’t ever seem to have a good harvest, droughts for many years and no water for the people to drink. It’s far to drive there and the road is bad but when we saw the happy faces of the people as we finally got there it felt all worth it. After driving over one of this „bridges“ there was a big whole hiding behind. we jumped high, hitting the roof with our heads … also I had just opened my bottle to drink some water and the whole bottle of water spilled all over me so I looked like as if I had just taken a bath with my clothes on … the bottle of my friend sitting next to me broke as well, hiting an iron piece behind the seat, so she was sitting in a lake. We were laughing, even thought it wasn’t funny, but what else can you do?! Life here is always up for a new surprise … 🙂
We prayed and worshiped the whole way, without stopping ‚cause hardly anyone makes it there without either having to stop due to car problems or worse having an accident. I could feel and see some of these creatures living in those areas, but nothing dared to approach us – praise God!! Also people got set free after preaching – we have an awesome God! Nothing and noone can compare to him. There truely is power in the name of Jesus!
It was a lot of work going to all the districts, Gondola, Manica, Sussundenga … the many churches … but the poverty of these children here can break your heart … . I had to do all the driving with our big truck by myself (except when we went to Tambara) ‚cause our driver was in Zimbabwe and just didn’t come back. You should have seen the looks on people’s faces and their open mouths as I was driving by them … first I’m a woman (here it’s usually the men who drive), second I’m white (no white people there), third there were 2 white people sitting in the front, my friend Katja and I and fourth I was driving a truck, not a small car … some of the kids were screaming as they were pointing towards us … .
Our truck sufferd again as we were driving to Tambara, the damage is worse than last time … please pray as we are trying to find an affordable way to fix it. I wish we could go there without a truck, but the problem is that there is absolutely no maize to be bought there, not even 1 lata (20 kg)! I don’t know how people live there, besides by the grace of God. When our mecanic opened the engine he was shaking his head, saying he has no idea how we got back, the engine was full of water. I don’t understand much about cars, but he explained that we drove on only 2 pistons and many of the pieces inside the engine are broken, so he said the only explanation is a miracle. Now we just need a miracle in fixing it, we really can’t buy a new engine … I like God, He always does what is necessary …

Finally it was possible to start ministering in the prison again, it was not easy though, it took months to get the paper signed and when I finally had it it’s now somewhere at the police to be approved. I thought it had already made it’s way though all the birocrasy, but not yet as I just found out … I had been to the prison again last week praying that the person in charge’d be there and as I was walking in the prison the guard accompanying me said that the person walking towards us was the one I wanted to see. He was willing to attend me, I just had to wait a bit. The next thing that happened was that he got the prisoners together, thinking I wanted to start right here and there, even though I had just come to find out what day of the week and what time it’d be possible to minister in the prison. So here I was with all these people, having to do something, pray & share a bit … ok, God, I thought … we agreed on coming on wednesdays 9 a.m … if you’d like to pray during that time (or on wednesday mornings before you go to work) thank God and bless you for that. So I came back the next wednesday morning at the time we agreed on, together with someone from the church here. Unfortunately the information about us coming to minister hadn’t been passed on and the people working that day were afraid to make a decision to just give us permission, so I went back to the police trying to get the paper … nobody knew where it was and the superintendent who is a friend of mine was in a meeting, so I had to WAIT for almost 2 hours … finally he came, really trying to help me … even though he is a busy man he was personally looking for „my paper“ and could finally localize where it had last been. He called there and then asked us to go back to the prison where the paper was supposed to be, but it wasn’t we found out as we got there … before finding that out though we had to WAIT for another 1 1/2 hours for someone to come, tired and hungry ‚cause I had left home without breakfast and lunch time had already passed, but I had to be patient until the person I was told to be waiting for came – and then he wasn’t very helpful … . As we were walking out of the prison someone stopped me, the director of the prison had just come. He was asking me if I remembered him and asked how things were going so I shared with him what had happened that day. He told me to go and see someone and said he was also coming there, so we went back speaking to that person; now things started to move in the right direction. Then the director came just taking authority over the situation. Everyone had to stop working and „come to church“. We started singing and worshiping God, the presence of God came. I was preaching about Zacchaeus how it changed his life when he met Jesus. About 20 of the prisoners gave their lifes to the Lord for the first time, repeating the sinner’s prayer after me and we prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Then I asked for the sick to come to the front and receive prayer for healing, God was moving … . We worshiped more, joyfully singing they walked out thanking us for our coming and telling us that they’re looking forward to next week. I was thinking of the scripture that through patience and persevernce we inherit the promises of God (Hebr 6:12). Also I can’t believe that in a big city like Chimoio noone is going to the prison to minister to the people there. How can they believe if we don’t tell them? How can God change their lifes if they don’t receive him? Please pray for the paper work to be finalised and permission to be released within the next couple of days … can you?

I’m still trying to go to the hospital once a week laying hands on the sick … every time I am there I’m thinking Jesus really is their only hope. This week God put in my heart to go the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). It was completely overcrowed, people on the floor, everywhere. With the medical care here I don’t thnk they have much hope and this is the provincial hospital, the best you can find here and they even have a doctor (which most of the other hospitals don’t). Nevertheless I believe Jesus is there only hope. People were more than grateful as we ofered to pray for them. In Jesus name there is power to heal!!

Next week I am planning to go to Zimbabwe for 8-10days, doing evangelism and after that to Tete, visiting the churches and hopefully also giving food to the children (orfans). After that time is up here for now. I’ll be going to Germany & Europe for missionaries „holidays“ for about 6 weeks, then will be back in the crazyness …

Grace and peace,

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