Dezember 2018 Weihnachtsgrüße

November 2018

Dear friends,

our children are doing well … 🙂
They are looking forward to the school holidays that will start soon and to my surprise all want to go to Sussundenga where 2 of our fields are, for a couple weeks to help preparing them for planting maize.
One of our children (who had been living on the street for quite a while before) had been forced by his uncle to leave our children’s home. The uncle wanted him to work for him instead of going to school, but he managed to escape and come back. This time we were quick to inform social welfare of the situation and the uncle will only be able to take the boy again when he has permission from social welfare.

Work with street children is challenging, but lately we see a lot of change in their lives, which is really exciting! Keep praying for them, as well as those that take care of them … thanks!

We are still busy with the piles of papers we need to legalize our children’s center once again. We had been told we had everything, but now they’re saying they never said that … anyways, pray with us for wisdom how to do it, grace & favor to get them all and without delays … .

Our dogs are back to normal weight and healthy :-).
We also have a new really cute puppy that will not die this time, but help guard our house! She is really smart … ;-).

The ministry in the prison continues. On October 9th we had another amazing baptism with many prisoners being firm in their decisions to leave their old life styles behind and live with Jesus from now on.

In the hospital …
While we were in Israel the administrative leadership of the hospital changed and with that came new rules, that from what I had heard made it difficult to pray there for a while, but now everything is back to normal. We also renewed our document, that says that we have permission to pray in the hospital, so the one we have now has the signature of the current director. Since then no one ever asked for the paper again, but just in case … we are prepared … .

The youth services we are still doing, too, every 2nd Sunday of the month. Today we had another blessed time in the presence of God, worshiping God and praying for our city and country with youths from different churches … .

Around the time of my birthday we went to the Sea, to Savanne for a few days, which was nice :-). What was not so nice was that the day before we got there the water pump broke, so there was no water :-(. I had been looking forward to take a real shower for a change, but there was no way. When we got there they said, they’d fix it, but didn’t manage. Jumping in the ocean is nice, but after ‘swimming’ you want to wash of the salty crust … .
On the last part of the way there I had the privilege to sit in the front of the truck, in the cabin, between the driver and another passenger. As usual I used the opportunity to talk, talk about Jesus. Most people here believe in a God somehow, the question is, what that belief has to do with their lives, or how much room God really has in their lives. To make a long story short, in the end the driver asked for prayer to stop drinking. He was very moved. He knew how much his wife and 6 children suffered because of his drinking problem. Anyways, I called Camilo, who had been in the back of the truck to pray with me. So we did our part … .

Last Saturday we went to a wedding of a good friend of us. His wife we only met at the wedding in Mocuba (Zambezia province). The wedding was nice, the way there wasn’t. It took us more than 12 hours to get there and the bus didn’t drive slow. The road was/is so bad that for parts of it the bus went on a small dust road, in order not to get stuck in the potholes on the main national highway. It was blazing hot (more than 40°C) and no air-conditioning, but we got there, which is what matters.

Since we were already ‘in the north’ we used to opportunity to take another early bus, on Sunday morning, to Quelimane, to visit a church of a dear pastor and friend of ours, to minister there. A year and a half ago we had been in that area for 10 days of evangelism, so if was exciting to see some of the fruit of our work of that time :-). On Monday morning at 4.30 a.m we were on another bus towards the south … . We had bought tickets for the bus to Chimoio, but the night before we got a call that the bus was no longer going ‘cause it wasn’t completely full … grr … we had bought tickets early, so we’d get more our less decent seats, but what could we do?! We had to take the bus that went to Maputo instead, which by then was almost full, get of at the intersection of Inchope and find another transport from there to Chimoio, but either way, we managed and made it back home safely that night – praise God!

Stay blessed!
Greetings from Africa,
Claudia & Camilo

Mai 2018

Dear friends, hope this finds you well. We made it safely back from Israel and are very grateful for the time we were allowed to be there. It wasn’t the easiest to get a visa for Camilo … at the airport in Johannesburg we were ‘interviewed’ for more than an hour … at the end all we could do is pray … we were the last 2 passengers to get on board … upon arrival in Israel it took us another 5 hours to actually enter Israel, waiting to be questioned again (there was 1 person for those ‘interviews’ and more than 100 people waiting; everyone that needs/has a visa has to go through that process) … . We that come from Europe, America or Australia often don’t know how privileged we are to enter most countries of the world without severe hassles … now as I am married to Camilo I experience something of the other reality, how you are being treated when you have an African or Asian passport … on the other hand Camilo has the grace to be married to someone having a German passport and I usually respond when he is being questioned, so things are not too bad for most of it … but either way, what matters is that God is with us and as our wedding verse says, ‘in everything we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!’ (Rom 8.37). Finally in (!) Israel we just wanted to pick up our bags, only to find out that they were not there … grr … but after lots of phone calls and lots of prayer they showed up, too, but not the next day, only after about a week. Who knows the airport in Johannesburg knows that lots of language disappears there, but thank God …! It was a privilege for us to be in Nazareth, in Jericho, Jerusalem, at lake Galilee, on Mount Carmel, the Mount of Transfiguration, at the Dead and the Red Sea, where the Angels appeared to shepherds near Bethlehem and many other places … . We read the bible with completely different eyes since then … .

Back in Mozambique we found everything in place, things still inside of our house, dogs alive and children well … praise God! Our children are looking forward to June 1 st , children’s day, they’ll get new clothes, shoes, a little present, sweets and there will be lots of good food & softdrinks … . The chicken house and pig house is almost ready, a few little things here and there as well as the roof is missing. The next project will the ‘wall’ & hedge of the girl’s property … . Another big job is to buy a few tons of maize and store it up to be eaten throughout the year. There is always something to do ;-­). This week our children were invited to play soccer at a soccer contest and they won!! ;-­)

Our youth services are continuing to be blessed with a strong presence of the Lord. Last Sunday we had another amazing service … .

God is moving in the prison & hospital, lives are changing … at the same time there are lots of obstacles & challenges, at times it looks like we can’t continue, but we do in the midst of the storm and impossible. There is a new hospital director that it looks like is not in favor of the church or people praying, still have to find out more details. Pray for the team to be strong and continuing, even when Camilo & I are gone … .

Back from Israel we didn’t stay long in Chimoio (didn’t even manage to wash at least most of our clothes of our trip, not only because of lack of time, but also because there was no water for days). During the 1 week back home Camilo needed to get all the material that had been taught in school during the 1 month we were gone, speak to his teachers to give him an extra chance of the tests he missed, write the tests, while I met up with different people, organized things in the prison, for the children, with the guards, get all the documents we needed to apply for Camilo’s visas, fill out the applications, mark appointments at the embassies, get bus tickets, something to eat, pack our clothes etc. … while we continued to minister at the different places we always do. Besides the regular teachings I do I am teaching Kairos again at the moment, which means another 2 nights a week, but it’s exciting to see how God changes people’s focus from just being ‘active in the church’, to actually care about the lost, the unreached, even as the course still goes on, they are starting to share the gospel with others as they never have, getting God’s heart, pray for people to be saved, think about making disciples, not just converts … it’s a lot of work, time & effort, but very well worth it ;-­).

We both felt to use the 1 week holiday Camilo had, even though leaving at the time we left limited us to 5 days in Maputo to get Camilo’s last name changed (he adopted mine when we got married), get a new ID, a new passport and 2 visas in our passport within that time ‘cause we needed to be back for the youth service on Sunday we are responsible for (the sound system is at our house and there is no other car, only ours). All we could do is trust God ‘cause we very well knew that what we were trying to do was completely impossible without lots and lots of miracles. Here in Chimoio new IDs take about 3 months, in Maputo you can get them quicker, but still not in 1 day, passports take 2 months here, in Maputo 2 weeks. Another challenge was that the only time open to mark appointments for this week at both Embassies was Thursday morning, almost at the same time (8.15 and 9.30a.m). If you have ever applied for a visa you know you can’t be late for your appointment. Besides that we didn’t have a passport when we got to the German embassy ‘cause we leave it at the American embassy, only a copy, but they allowed us to do the interview with just the copy and bring the passport the next day. Being able to get the passport from the American Embassy the next morning was another miracle that happened. Then the German Embassy did Camilo’s visa right away, which doesn’t happen, everyone else was told to come back after a week. The consul from Senegal was there at the same time waiting and his request not being attended and he is a diplomat. Maybe just to mention one more thing, both Camilo’s ID and his new passport we got within 1 day, without paying corruption money, just favor!! The Lord made it possible to speak to the national director of the authority that issues IDs and he helped us. When we were on the way to immigration (where passports are being issued here) we met a lady who works there on the bus we took and through her we were able to enter into the part where the big bosses are… . I could tell you lots more, but let’s leave it there … . God put absolutely everything in place … praise & glory to Him at all times! Everything is possible for those who pray & believe … Greetings from Mozambique, Every blessing!! Claudia & Camilo

März 2018

My dear friends,

we are grateful to the Lord for the favor He has given us in the prisons and hospital, to see how God changes lives, heals and delivers people, the many opportunities to share God’s word and his love in practical ways …

Many things have improved on the girl’s property … the houses have all been built … only windows & doors still need to be put … if the carpenter hadn’t disappeared for a quite a while … then the welder hadn’t paid his rent, so the owner of the house didn’t release the material inside … just how things are here … but I still believe things will eventually come to a completion there … .
Ate the moment we’re putting the roof on the Machessas (little huts for people to sit inside, one for fellowship and one for prayer) and if we have money we’ll be building a small wall that will support a hedge with thorns like on the boy’s property … .

On the boy’s property our builder is building a house for chickens and another one for pigs. The little chicken house we had was destroyed in a storm, but it was only a temporary solution anyway, until we’d have the chance to build something more permanent. Then we’ll just have to find pigs and more chickens somewhere … .

Our children are doing well. The holidays are over and everyone is back in school. We have a new child, the father is in prison, the mother abandoned him, so he stayed with his grandfather who was constantly drunk … eventually he preferred to stay on the street then “at home” … he is a really nice boy … .
Every year the beginning of the school year is a big event … until everyone has a place in a class (the school administration is a total chaos here) … new bagpacks, schoolmaterial, uniforms … and besides our children we are supporting 50 other children from the part of town we live in, that would otherwise not be able to study. The thing is that before we can give all these things to the children we must first organize and buy each one of them and that in many different places, but it is worth the effort … ;-).

The health authority came to visit us. We had heard from others, that they aren’t easy, but it really wasn’t difficult. So now we have the paper that confirms that our sanitation is okay. They didn’t want to see much and only complained one little thing that isn’t a big deal to organize … .

We are working on more papers social welfare requires … . The roads are more than bad at the moment, that they haven’t come back … .

Agricultural projects

By now we have 4 big field, 2 in the district of Sussundenga and 2 in the district of Macate. The last one we hadn’t planned, but the offer was too good not to accept. In January and February people don’t have money here ‘cause last year’s harvest is gone, the salary of December spent for Christmas and the salary of January is being needed for school fees and school material … if someone has a paid job he doesn’t only have to finance his own family but help his relatives who don’t have a job. And most people earn less thank $100 a months, even if they have a job. Either way someone was desperate for some money because his son had mad a girl under 18 pregnant (which is not uncommon here, but she is the daughter of a leader). So he sold his field of 3 hectares that is right next to a road (most field are far from roads, so it is hard to transport things) for about $420. Just the bananas that already exist on that field are worth that money. The other part of the field had grass more than 8 feet high, so it took some work before we could plant something there, but by now we are almost finished planting 2500 banana trees. Our children are excited about the bananas. No more lack of calcium for our children … 😉
On the other fields we’ve also planted things … maize, potatoes, sweet potatoes, manioc, cashews … at the moment we are busy planting beans, orange- and litchi trees … . It’s challenging to invest so much time and money into those fields without having much benefit right now, but we still believe it will be worth it in the long run … . In that way we’ll be more or less independent of the economy … .

In January we went to Malawi for 10 days to get some rest and have some time just for us … see the nice picture of Camilo at lake Malawi 😉

We finally have a new substitute guard for our office … 😉
After not having one for months all of sudden we had two that wanted the job … it is not difficult to find someone that wants to be a guard, but someone that actually does the job, that doesn’t just come to sleep at your house, and even more important that doesn’t steal things while you are gone … so we’re hoping, but we have a good feeling …

We are excited to go to Israel!! For a long time I’ve been wanting to go to Israel, but each time I had an opportunity to go to the Holy Land the Lord said, ‘you’ll go, but not now’ and a few years back He began to tell me, that I’d go to Israel for my honeymoon, which was kind of a crazy thought ‘cause there was no husband in sight, nor did I have plans to get married and now all of a sudden I am married and we are going to Israel for our honeymoon ;-). Camilo is also excited, he’s been dreaming to go to Israel, just didn’t know how it could ever happen without any money, barely having enough food to eat. So his eyes lit up when I put out the suggestion. Normal people go on their honeymoon right after their wedding, but we are just not normal ;-). Camino’s visa wasn’t easy to get, but in everything we are more than conquerors! We got a call from the consulate in Maputo that the embassy in Angola is refusing Camilo’s visa. They want to know exactly where we’ll be at, each hotel with addresses and phone numbers. Now at that time my credit card was blocked, so I couldn’t do anything on the internet and here is no travel agency that books hotels for you. Camilo was gone to one of our fields and his phone had no network, so I couldn’t reach him, even just to let him know what was going on so he could at least pray. I didn’t have much time ‘cause it was already in the afternoon when I got the information and they wanted the hotel reservations the same day. Eventually I called my travel agent in Germany where I used to book flights and explained them the situation. Praise God that they were willing to help me out even though I explained to them we wouldn’t need the reservations in the end. Within 1 ½ hours they sent me what I needed and I forwarded it to the embassy. I heard from others that Israel changed their visa policies and visas in general are hard to get now. However, we believe it was just an excuse not to give us the visa. We did what we could, while we prayed for God to move their hearts. Camilo’s passport made it safely back from Angola and is in our hand – glory & praise to God Most High!!

As I mentioned the other challenge was my credit card. The bank blocked my credit card saying that it was no longer secure … and there was no way to convince them to unblock it on my own risk … grr … . Finally they agreed to send me a new one to Mozambique, which was nice, but instead of sending it to my P.O.Box where I usually get things, they sent it to my address. That works well in Europe or America, but here there is no mail delivery whatsoever. To make things worse they sent it with TNT which doesn’t exist here, so I had absolutely no idea where it’d arrive, if … and they sent my card and the pin at the same time, even though we had agreed they’d send the pin to my german address … . To make a long story short, both envelops arrived and I was able to find out where … at a kiosk that sells engine oil, no sign of courier service … unbelievable, but anyways, what matters that I got the new card and the pin … praise God!!

What we didn’t manage yet is changing Camilo’s last name. We didn’t think that it ‘d be that complicated, but we should have known that pretty much everything is complicated here. It’ll take a miracle or lots of time in Maputo, which we don’t have, going on African buses for 1200km multiple times, on a really bad road … . Camilo’s passport came back with 2 last names, the old and the new one. According to our marriage certificate he has only one (mine) though. We wanted to have the same last name and since I have tons of documents I would have needed to change whereas Camilo has only an ID and a passport, so we thought it’d be easier. Now we are stuck between 2 different laws of 2 different countries ‘cause here they only add a name, never take one away. We asked before we got married and they said it wouldn’t be a problem if he takes my last name, but now it is … we’re still hoping for a miracle, God touching some people’s hearts to help us so we can apply for a visa for Germany and the US this summer … .

Greetings from Mozambique!
Every blessing to all of you,
Claudia & Camilo

April 2017

My dear friends,

3 months have passed since I last wrote you and once again it’s more than time …

I have just come back from another trip to Zimbabwe … another trip I decided to take by faith ‘cause my eyes still need healing and are really not in a place to drive all day which I needed to ‘cause the places we went to were far, but by the grace of God we managed to get to all the places and back … praise Him … during our outreaches we saw lives being touched, people inviting Jesus to come into their lives and went to visit a church we planted last time we were in Zimbabwe, I did teaching for the leaders and ministered in their Sunday morning service … it was good to see the fruit from our last outreach … praise God!!

I should also mention for me to be able to travel I need a miracle at immigration … I submitted my papers to renew my residency here in january, not knowing that they had just changed the process of renewing … I have been here for more than 10 years which means I can apply for a 5 year permit now, which is almost the same price as the 1 year permits I used to get … it was quite a challenge to even get the papers submitted cause their ‘example paper they had on the wall was wrong, so I had to write it all again a few times and until I got it right and get it stamped from religious affairs again, before my old permit expired, so that I didn’t have to pay a fine … anyways, I managed, but the thing is that the national director of immigration has to authorize those now, which means in Maputo, not in Chimoio, and everything there can take months or even years … . To make a long story short, for quite a while I was without any document ‘cause I had to hand in my previous one to get it renewed and noone knew when I could go for the interview to get at least the paper that says I am okayed to stay and waiting for my original. After passing by there and calling every week the lady who is in charge of residences here in the province of Manica surprised me by telling me that she spoke to director of immigration here and he said I could come for the interview, even though there is no permission from Maputo (the capital city) yet … all I can say is that this is an answer to prayer ‘cause in this country they never decide anything without permission from their superiors ‘cause they are afraid … but if it wasn’t for that we couldn’t have gone to Zimbabwe ‘cause one can’t leave the country without having your papers … . As usual God puts everything into place to accomplish His plans … 😉

At the Loving the Nations Center …
Our children are doing well, being transformed into the image of God more & more … there are many now … 26 children, 3 more coming within the next couple of days, and 3 adults … 32 total … I am grateful for each one of them, trusting the Father will take care of them, provide for all their needs, ‘cause each one is loved by Him very much … there are also 3 girls that we really had to take in even though the houses for girls are not ready yet, but we are doing our best to build as fast as we can … yes, after calling my neighbor, the mere, things speeded up a bit and we got our building permit!!
We lost some of our maize and rice we planted due to the excessive rains this year, but still have quite a bit that should hopefully be ready for harvest in a month from now . Until then we need to survive somehow … . I bought lots of maize last year, at the time when it was cheap, but I wasn’t counting on that many children so quickly; I am grateful though that it lasted until April, thank God!
Also, if anyone has an idea about a container we need one now now to store the maize we will harvest soon. This past year we used one of the houses, but we need that house now to receive more children … there are still children on the street I’d like to see living with us …

In the prison …
God is moving there, despite of lots of hindrances & obstacles, we keep overcoming! In march we did another baptism 

In the hospital …
I managed to get our ‘prayer permission’ renewed … I used to do that every year, this time I decided to give them a paper that doesn’t have a date and they signed it, which means it can be used in the years ahead without end … 😉

Both the prison- and hospital team have grown a lot, which is an answer to prayer …

The last 3 youth services the chairs were not enough … may the Lord continue to bring the youth together before His throne …; besides many people there has also been a tremendous presence of the Lord … .

The children at the Iris Center are doing well … still going there once a week whenever I can …

In between the things I’m doing on a regular bases I’m trying to invest as much time as possible in discipling young leaders …

Last but not least … a personal note … I am not single anymore … we have known each other since 2009, working together building the kingdom in the prison, hospital, on outreaches, both of us not thinking for years that there would ever be more than a friendship, until God started to speak to both of us independent of each other. Both of us have a calling to the nations, we really understand each other when we talk, are one in the spirit, our giftings & callings match, both of us have just been serving God, not being interested in marriage … . God poured a love for each other into both of our hearts we can’t explain, it’s way more than romance, it’s supernatural. Years back I made a list of more than 20 things I desire in a husband, in case I ever get married and he has all 20 of them … . Since last year I felt in my spirit there is a major change coming in my life, just didn’t know what it was, but I believe it’s that, to do things with a partner. On top of all of that just a few days after my future husband confessed his love to me, a prophet (a real prophet) from Congo I had just met once before showed up at my house telling me that the Lord woke him up the night before telling him to tell me that ‘what God has for me from now one I won’t be able to do by myself, but God has chosen a man to be at my side ….’. Now this prophet didn’t know anything about what was happening between us … he had scheduled a trip back to South Africa, but the Lord didn’t allow him to go until I came back from Zimbabwe and he’d deliver this message to me … crazy … to make it short I have perfect peace and his name is Camilo …

Greetings from Africa, protection from on high & every blessing,

Dezember 2016

My dear friends,

I hope you had a joyful celebration remembering that our Lord & precious savior Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem …
My apologies for not writing you before Christmas like every other missionary … I just couldn’t find the time … but what I can tell you is that I had the privilege of celebrating the birth of Christ in a special way in 4 places this year …
1st in the men’s high security prison (on dec 21st)… despite of the tense situation there at this present moment they allowed us to do a big service with about 800 people (basically trusting God with us for security) … we worshipped God, preached, led many to start a relationship with Christ, prayed for healing & deliverance and distributed bread, soft drinks, cookies and sweets to all of them (and gave what was left to be distributed to those that had to remain in the cells) … what amazed me was that when I went to the prison the next day to do the bible study everywhere people were talking about Jesus, even the officials working there evangelizing the Muslims … and they gave glory to God ‘cause for some reason that day there was no lunch in the prison (there’s never breakfast) and so what we had given them had saved the day for them 😉 … . I also heard that they talked about our church that we gave to everyone, ‘cause God loves everyone whereas the Muslims only give among themselves when they give something … pray with us for the Holy Spirit to be poured out there even more and the whole prison turning to Christ … nothing is impossible for God!!
2nd in the women’s prison (on the 23rd)… there was great joy (there always is when we show up there), but on that day even more 🙂 … we used the opportunity to have ALL the women present (except the 2 that were too sick to come) to share the good news about Jesus with them and receiving Jesus into their lives … . We gave them the same things as in the men’s prison plus a wrap around skirt for everyone … I had this in my heart for quite a while to bless them in that way this year and God graciously provided all the finances we needed to show them the love of God in such a practical way …
3rd with our children (the former street children) that live with us now at the Loving the Nations centre (on the 24th)… some have come of the street very recently … please pray for them to stay and their lives being transformed … there was new clothes for everyone, even shoes this year, cookies, sweets, presents and a new soccer ball … there was great joy 🙂 ! I learnt living here that even the 14 year old boys enjoy playing with little cars cause they’ve never ever before had a toy in their lives … the gifts we gave them no child in the western world ‘d care about but here they were ecstatic and we had to stop them almost by force after sometime just to take a picture … . And of course a good meal with lots of meat, spaghetti, salad and soft drinks … .
4th on christmas eve with my german friends … no christmas tree either, no candles, but lots of good conversations and some nice german food …
5th with the children at the Iris centre (on the 25th) … we had a church service first ‘cause it was a Sunday only the message I shared was focused on Christmas and in a way that works for children … we had another church visiting, joining us and they brought a big cake to celebrate the birthday of Jesus with us … then a big lunch and clothes and presents for everyone after that … it was fun 🙂 … but believe me I was tired when I got home 😉 …

Also, once more I had the privilege to come with all “my” children to Casa M’sika (on dec 16th & 17th) …. It was an effort to get the paper from social welfare, but worth the effort … this time the children saw the zebras and giraffes :D, enjoyed swimming in the pool, ate lots of good food, slept in a holiday resort, climbed a mountain, sang very well for the other guests … I praise God for his amazing grace to go to such a place without paying anything …

There’s other good news besides that … just briefly, so I don’t take too much of your time …

I’ve been back to Zimbabwe with my wonderful team for church planting & leadership training,
visited many churches, preached in the rural areas
did tons of teachings every week here in Chimoio,
as well as another Kairos course,
we are still going to the hospital every week to heal the sick,
had amazing youth services (even more amazing than before, the chairs weren’t even enough),
another celebration of new lives in the prison (baptism)
I got to go to an island near Beira to rest for 2 days with friends
we managed to publish the existence of Loving the Nations in the ‘newspaper of the Republic’, it made it safely to Chimoio, we got our definite certificate, our tax number and finally after organizing a pile (literally) of paper managed to do the last step opening a bank account so that even when I leave here things can continue …
after them loosing our papers at the municipal office and then writing them wrong twice the new property (where we want to build houses for girls) is completely ours (I finally decided to go to my neighbor, the mere of the city ‘s house, so that same day the certificate was issued), so now I’m working on the construction permit …
we were able to get a humongous field in an area close to the mountains which means if it rains anywhere it’s there, there is also a small river along one side … I’m truly grateful to God our Father cause something like that is basically impossible to get … and we already planted maize, beans, peanuts and rice …
my back is much much better,
more street children came by themselves and said they wanted to live at our centre …

All this is an answer to prayer I believe … please keep praying & believing God with us … He has already done so much and we believe He has many more miracles in store as we just ask Him … glory, honor & praise be to Him who sits on the throne alone, forever and ever, Amen!

May our loving Father grant you a good start of the New Year with Him …
Thank you for standing with us!
May Jesus bless you all!!
Greetings from Africa,

September 2016

Hello everyone,
here they’d say hello brothers & sisters 😉

time is flying … I left here mid june … had a blessed time in the western world and now I am back in Africa … I didn’t get a whole lot of rest, but I do feel refreshed and spoiled by so many of my amazing friends … God and you have been good to me … my pilot’s license is renewed, too … I believe the plane is coming … if you feel led to pray please do so … 😉

My house was dirty !! (as usual). For someone who doesn’t live here it’s hard to image the amount of dust. And even though I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my house and had friends helping me there are still things to be done here … 😉
I’ve had lots of visitors since I’ve been back and it’s been great to catch up, hear their hearts, answer questions, have the privilidge of giving advice and mentor the next generation leaders …

I am grateful for the team that has been faithful in going to the prison & hospital as well as those that are taking care of the children … it looks like they got the vision, heart and passion … it’s so rare to find people like that here …
Our children are doing well, but my heart longs to see their lives transformed, on fire for God, and I pray for the Father to bring those still lost and dying out there home to a safe place … it’s more a spiritual battle than anythiing else … they even know and say they need deliverance …

We’ve had an amazing amazing youth service last sunday … God’s presence was so strong that we didn’t know how to end it … the same thing happend the sunday before when I was teaching at my house … praise be to the Lord Jesus! More of that … 😉

To make it short, I’ve been busy, but it’s been good … 😉
Greetings & blessings,

April 2016

My dear friends,

as usual it is more than time to write & share with you what has been happing here … . After it has been hot hot for months it is now cold cold & raining for days. I am wearing 2 thick sweaters, drinking hot tea, trying to survive while I am still cold :(.

Sometimes I feel like one of these people that does juggling, trying to keep 30 balls in the air at the same time …

On the property
One of our children, Aderto (the oldest one), has been away from home for 10 years. He left in 2006 when he was 6 years old to live on the street, looking for food. He has been staying with us for almost a year and a half now. On the 3 rd try we finally managed to find his mother who lives in Gondola and the joy was great on both sides. She shared with us that last year in December she started to pray that she’d see her son again, in case he was still alive. It was at that exact time that Aderto told us he’d like to go to see his family during the school holidays. How God does things … .
Unfortunately most of our maize has also died in the drought like everyone else’s in our area. There are very few places that have a harvest this year, so we need to be wise to get as much as can while there is still any. What makes things difficult is that the maize meal factory is going everywhere with their trucks and they’re convincing the people to give to them by paying more money than what is the current price which make the price go up everywhere and for everyone. So counting on that we can get what we need we’ve to pay at least one third more than what we had planned.
The roof of our kitchen blew off during a storm and part of the building was destroyed, too, so we used the opportunity to renovate and make a better kitchen (still mozambican style though). Also the 4 th house that already had the walls more than half way completely collapsed and all our cement bricks broke, because we hadn’t built the pillars yet, so we had to start again. I hope we’ll still be able to finish building the house and that before our building permit expires.
We’re trying our best to grow as much as we can ourselves … tomatoes, onions, salad, sweet potatoes, manioc, beans, green vegetables … planted different kinds of fruit trees … . Things have always been expensive here, but since last year they are really expensive, so it’s good to have as much as we can ourselves, besides of the idea of being self sustaining at some point as much as possible.
On good Friday I went out to do an introduction to communion for the church the guys have started in February. To my surprise I found about 70 people there on a Friday evening. When I spoke about Jesus dying for us and who can participate in communion 6 people converted, asking for the forgiveness of their sins and receiving Jesus as their Lord and savior, then we went on with the teaching and took communion together. On Sunday I went back to preach about the resurrection and what that means for us …; we had a great time celebrating with the church and the children a special Easter feast 🙂 . One of the guys there started a preschool and he does a great job!
The pastors-­ and leaders training I’m doing there one Saturday a month is already going on for 3 months and it has been amazing each time. When we were given the property God put on my heart to not only do something for the children, but also help the churches in the area by teaching their pastors & leaders. In a vision I saw pastors hungry for the truth coming from a certain direction and it is really happening. Many are walking far distances in order to participate. They are leaving their houses at 5 a.m in order to get there by 9 a.m and after we finish they still have to walk back.

The registration/legalization of Loving the Nations here
We have the signature of the governor!!!!!!!!!! Which means we are officially/legally registered 🙂
Unfortunately things don’t finish there as I’ve found out :(. We still need to publish our existence in the ‘bulentim de republica’ (a journal given out by the government) which is not only crazy expensive, but also very difficult ‘cause there are many many that want/need to publish something there. Despite of me constantly going to the city counsel it took me 1 month to get the paper we needed from them that says we’ve completed the requirements for publishing. So finally we’re in the process of handing in the papers in Maputo now. It takes someone constantly going there, reminding them and checking on it and so far we have no idea who in Maputo could do that. Please pray with us for a miracle that we get this done within 3 months ‘cause otherwise we’ve to pay again what we paid here in Chimoio. The problem is that without the publishing you don’t get a tax number and without that you can’t open a bank account and … .

In Dombe
We found people hungry for the word … and praise the Lord it didn’t rain ‘cause the ‘church building’ had hardly an covering on top … .
As we started to drive back we needed a miracle … . When I started the engine the engine check light went on and I noticed that there was no power. I pressed the accelerator with hardly an effect. Hm. If we had been in a place where the ground was more or less flat it wouldn’t have been too had, but we were in the mountains and in order to get back we needed to drive up and down high mountains and the road was steep. I kept driving and asked everyone to pray. What else could I do? We were in the middle of nowhere. We somehow made it uphill each time and after we prayed for about an hour the car was okay and engine check light went off. This country gives you many opportunities to learn how to pray and whatever the problem is almost always Jesus is your only option … ;-­)

In Guro
As soon as we arrived we went to the new prison to preach there. It was easy cause the new director used to be the commander at the provincial prison in Chimoio and therefore knows us well. It was a privilege to be the first ones going there to share Christ with them. Everything is still brand new and not everything is finished there yet. It’s the 2 nd largest prison of the province of Manica where I’m staying. We felt the presence of the Lord as we ministered.
Then we went to the hospital to pray for the sick. One of our team members was not feeling well either, according to the symptoms he most probably had malaria; we tried to get medicine, but it was not possible. So we prayed and he was okay ;-­).
After that we managed to get to the ‘church’ just on time before it poured down rain with a heavy thunderstorm for hours. In Chimoio the electricity was off for 2 days as a result of that. Anyways. So we used the time pouring our hearts out to pray, interceding for Guro for more than 3 hours.
After my experience last year with the 1 Million ants in my sleeping bag, shirts, pants, hair … I decided to sleep in the car this time, which is not the greatest either, but still better I thought. With one lightning after another it was brought daylight for most of the night. When the water started to enter through the door I was sleeping next to I decided that this was taking it too far and commanded that to stop ‘right now’ and it stopped – at least.
After we ate the last dry bread for ‘dinner’ out in the rain (we couldn’t go inside cause there were other people) I wondered what we would eat the next day, but the Lord took care of us … .
Throughout the next day I stayed behind cause the church that was hosting us had requested me to teach there, while the team went from house to house, sharing the gospel and inviting people for the evening when we showed the Jesus film … .

In Macate
I went there last weekend to teach … to my surprise I found a church full of people even though we had only announced the seminar 2 days before …
On Saturday evening … after removing the obstacle of a drunken man that had entered the ‘church building’ the moment I started speaking, opening the evening session … I did a brief teaching on listening to the voice of the Lord. After I finished the teaching I let them pray & hear for each other in pairs . Then someone stood up that was obviously deeply moved. He shared that before he came he had seen me in a vision and I had been telling him things from Lord and now this was happening. We had never met before. The next morning after an intensive time of prayer one of the pastors got up and shared that as we prayed an angel of the Lord came to him and showed him a white piece of paper on which was written the verse out of the book of Revelation ‘listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches’ and he commented that he thought that was being shared was from me but now He knew it was from the Lord … .
Sometimes when I have in my heart to go to places I wonder if it is God who asks me to go, but at least in this case it obviously was … .

Besides that I went to Inchope, Manica and and … .

In the prison
We had another baptism this week 🙂 . The preparation wasn’t easy … the water stopped flowing … so those heroes there carried water in 20liter canisters from far until the 2000 liter baptism tank had enough water, so we could do the baptism. Also that morning for some reason my alarm didn’t go off, even though it was on … crazy … this has never happened before … when I heard someone knocking at the gate I looked at my alarm clock and jumped out of bed at the same time … some days don’t start as you’ve planned … .
In may the 2 years of ‘ bible school’ which I do there on Thursdays will be finished, so the students will graduate .. .
The 24 prayer had paused for a bit cause many were transferred to other prisons and new people came, but now they’ve started again :).

In the hospital
Still going regularly, looking forward to what God will do there … want to see the kingdom of God manifest … people are so open & grateful every time … .
Recently there was a new doctor that didn’t allow us to pray on her ward, so we prayed in front of it … for the patients, blessing her and declaring that she’d either change her mind, not work on Tuesdays anymore or be transferred … don’t know what happened but haven’t seen her anymore for 1 month now … ;-­)

The counselors
training Is almost over already … on Wednesday evenings my house is full … . It was a lot of work to translate all the teachings into Portuguese, but seeing the impact it makes on those participating and they are all people from different churches capable to teach others which I hope they’ll do cause no one has ever heard anything about inner healing here … . You have to start somewhere … .

Maybe let me share one more thing … I think I shared with you that God put in my heart to do a mixture of discipleship & teaching at the university that we have here now, ‘to train the future leaders’ was what He told me. We’ll see. I am there now every Tuesday evening for 3 months (until I go to Europe in June). Don’t have words to describe what is happening there each time. It’s like in the discipleship group I have on Sunday evenings at my house. Each evening is special. They are soooo open, receiving the word and putting it into practice immediately. The presence of God is almost tangible each time. It’s like as if they’ve been waiting for someone to come. It’s one of these good works the Lord had prepared according to Ephesians 2:10 I think … .

Anyways, as you can see I am not bored … ;-­‐)

Pray for me & us …
Greetings & blessings to all of you,

Januar 2016

My dear friends,
I hope this finds you all well …

Here in Chimoio I’ve had a great time celebrating Christmas with the children, first on the 24 th with those that have come of the street and are now living on the Loving the Nations property and then on the 25 th with those from Iris Ministries. Lots of presents, sweets and food -­‐ as they like it ;-).

God’s been good to me, taking care of me & those with me in every way. I’ve been invited by the owner of Casa M’sika to come back with the children for another night of Christmas carols & candlelight dinner. The kids did a great job singing carols there, some even in English, which took quite a bit to teach them, but they did well. They had fun going for a walk to see the animals, swimming in the pool and just enjoying the night out in such a beautiful place. I praise & thank God for such a privilege once again …

On the new property … We finished the 3 rd house and the guest house is almost finished, too, this week they’re digging the foundation of the 4 th (house and last one for now) … prices have gone up a lot and building is challenging now … we’ve been given money for the house, but when I made the estimate prices were very different, like wood is twice as much now) … either way we’ll somehow get it done as always … .
At the moment our carpenter is busy making beds for the children … then we’ve to buy matraces …
See the beautiful Machessa (the thing with the straw roof) on the picture. tt’s already been used for a wedding … Carlos, the guy who stays there with the children got married, in a non-­‐traditional way, just doing the wedding ceremony before God and us praying for / blessing them … it was beautiful … and a great example for the children … that even if you don’t have money you do what is right before God, making an alliance with testimonies … .
Pray for more workers that have God’s heart for the children … .
The legalization of Loving the Nations here is also moving forward. Finally we have the paper from Social Welfare here (they came to visit & inspect and hardly criticized anything – which is a miracle to everyone who knows how they are – to us it’s an answer to prayer) and once again all the papers are on the governor’s desk to be approved. Please pray with us for a positive response and that he or anyone won’t ask for another paper, would you?
Maybe let me mention one more thing … the director of the justice department who refused to sign our paper was transferred and so was the director at social welfare … the week I went back to social welfare ‘cause I needed a permit from them for the police to take the children to Messica and they spontaneously decided to come out to the property with me they had just gotten a new director who worked the first day and didn’t know much, so signed anything she was asked to … how God organizes things … I love it … it took a long time, but He finally put everything into place … !

Since I came back from Europe mid august we’ve had 2 baptisms in the prison, an amazing Christmas service with about 700 prisoners sharing the good news about Jesus with them and leading them to start a relationship with Jesus as their Lord and savior. After we finished the lady who is in charge of basically everything that is going on inside the prison (who works closely with the director) said to our inside pastor that this coming year she’ll be participating in the bible studies I’m doing in the prison. And the officials asked me if we can’t also go to the other prisons in the province of Manica (where we live in) to preach there. Hm. Yes, I guess so. God has given us so much favor in this prison, anything we ask we’re allowed to do and on top of it they’re asking us to do things. In November I did teaching & training with all the pastors & leaders inside there (it’s a big prison, there are 1800+ people there now). Each part has their ‘pastor’ that takes care of the sheep … things are getting organized ;‐). 24/7 prayer is still going on there … and I don’t remember when it was, but a few weeks ago they thanked us for coming and acknowledged that this year was the first year they didn’t have something bad happening in September there; every other year in September people tried to escape and there was fighting inside there … and they said it’s because of prayer and what we’ve been doing … I think it’s because of what God has been doing, but either way they (and we) give the glory to God!!

Some amazing people joined the hospital team lately and I praise the Lord for it … may they keep coming …

The youth services are moving forward, too, lots more people participating lately and more & more getting the vision of working and praying together in unity. Each service has been special. On the last one people just didn’t want to go home, they kept on worshipping for a long time after we had already officially finished the service … 🙂

We finished the 2 nd part of the discipleship group on Sunday nights … there has been such a depth, which is very very rare here.
In January I’ll be continuing with other teachings, opening up again for new people come.
Lately the Lord has been sending more and more people to my house that are hungry for more of Jesus, want to know the truth and counseling. I don’t know where this is going … .

In October we went to the district of Sussundenga, Dombe and Moussorize to do evangelism … the team was great, we didn’t know what we’d eat, but we were well fed, didn’t know where to sleep, but it all worked out well … and what is the most important thing … many found Jesus :-).
At the first place we went to we showed the Jesus film and ministered on a soccer field that was right across from a bar that had blaring loud music on in the afternoon (there was no electricity, but they use an old car battery), but they switched it off once we started and all came to see the life of Jesus. There was a lot of repentance and deliverance that night … God loves these people out there in the bush, forgotten by the world, but not by God … !
I could write you lots & lots more, but I don’t want to bore you … as usual I & we went to many places to preach and teach and each time God spoke and moved … I am truly grateful to the One who sits on the throne and reigns from eternity to all eternity, the One who was and is and is to come … .

I trust that God will be with you in 2016, He’ll lead, guide and direct you every step of the way, provide for you, love on you …
May He give you all the grace & strength you need and his peace be with you,

Love & blessings,


Juni 2015


Hi everyone,

don’t know where the time has gone, it’s almost time to go to Europe again (in june) …
Lots of things have been happening, as always ;-­‐)

The week before and over Easter we were in Zimbabwe again, to quite a few places since it was a 10 day trip. Life in Zim is tough these days; there has been a draught, so there isn’t much of a harvest in the rural areas and in the cities everything is very expensive: there if hardly electricity or water (if there is electricity then usually after midnight, or at least after 11 pm, to about 3 am, so people have to cook then ‘cause there is no firewood or charcoal allowed for sale like in Mozambique; water is usually from about 4.30 to 5.30/6 am; and people still have to be at work at 8 am). So even for us it was a hard trip concerning circumstances, we didn’t sleep much, got soaking wet multiple times, were cold, there was hardly any food … but many lives were touched, people got saved, healed, delivered … and that’s what matters. Compliments to my team, they had a great attitude despite of all things … .
The last 3 days we went to a conference in the area of Chipinge high high up in the mountains, driving uphill for about 2 hours. At some point we stopped ‘cause everyone needed to go to the ‘bathroom’, which was a mistake, but who could know that the car wouldn’t start again? The ‘road’ was small, so there was no way to turn around the car to push-­‐start it downhill; pushing uphill was impossible; so the only option was reverse gear downhill. I said to PAPA, ‘this is with you’; the team pushed me a bit and thank God on the 2 nd try it started! What we did was dangerous ‘cause when the engine is off it’s hard to break and the road was not straight, but there really wasn’t another option. There are always new experiences in life … :-).

At the end of april we had another baptism in the prison (47 prisoners), celebrating their new lives with & for Jesus :-).
After they finished 1 month of 24/7 prayer they decided on their own to add 7 days (a
week) of fasting & prayer … wow … and said they’ll continue with 24/7 prayer next month …
The favor we have in the prison with the officials still amazes me … a few weeks ago our responsible pastor inside the prison was called by the new commander who told him they’ll increase the number of people allowed to participate in our services ‘cause our teachings are changing people’s lives … and they’ve kept their word, there are about twice as many people allowed in our weekly services now … .
The bible studies I’m doing there on Thursday afternoons are going really well, too. Those that participate have to commit for 2 years and they’re the real hungry ones … it’s a joy to teach them … :-)-­‐

We managed to renew our permission to pray in the hospital paper and are pressing in for the kingdom to come & manifest there as it is manifesting in the prison these days … .

Unfortunately from what I know the legalization of Loving the Nations hasn’t moved forward much, but I managed to inform social welfare about what we are doing and God even gave me an opportunity to speak to the director there which is usually quite difficult.

I’m grateful that most of the street children that came to live with us are still there and there lives are changed forever. If you hear them praying you’d think they’ve been praying for the last 5 years, but they’ve only been with us for less than 4 months. Please keep them & those taking care of them in prayer. There have been and still are many battles and once again at this present moment it looks like the enemy is trying to
discourage the guys staying there with them, wanting to side-­‐track them, but he won’t manage -­‐ in Jesus’ name!!
Join me in praying for more laborers for the harvest (in every area) … . The kids have school holidays this week, so we used the opportunity to take all the kids (Iris & Loving the Nations) to ‘Casa M’sica’ again … what a fun day … swimming in the pool again, seeing animals (this time one of the giraffes showed up with her baby as we were walking in the beautiful nature out there), a mountain of rice & meat for lunch …

Discipleship group …
is almost finished (only 2 Sundays left) … everyone is insisting we need to continue and I think so, too … at least until the end of the year … then we’ll decide again …

Last weekend we were in Macossa and Guro, which is in the north of the province I’m staying in. It was by faith I went ‘cause I couldn’t find time to fix on the car what I wanted to be fixed before. Anyways, God has been faithful as always, he brought us there & back safely. We showed the Jesus film in Macossa on Friday night; the people from the church there had prepared things well, so there was a big crowd and to everyone’s
surprise they allowed us a central place in town where there is a stage and places to sit which they usually only allow the president or other high up government officials to use; anyone else has to go to the soccer field a bit out of town which is just a grass strip with nothing.
On Saturday I was teaching a seminar for pastors & leaders from different churches, whoever was interested. ‘The truth will set you free …’ is what I saw once again … . On Sunday, after ministering in one of the churches we went to Guro to do evangelism there that night. The police was nice to us, despite of the short notice, us just showing up. As we arrived at the soccer field it looked like the whole town had gathered to watch the teams playing, so it was easy to spread the message. There were so many people gathered that night, I have no idea how many – and the MP3 for first time ever just wouldn’t work, so we couldn’t show the film – crazy! There was nothing we could do, so after trying (with praying) for a long time, we just worshiped with the keyboard and I was preaching spontaneously. The amazing thing was that the crowd was with me in a way I have rarely seen and hundreds of people gave their lives to Jesus – even without showing the film – we just prayed for people. A new church was born. Yes, we must be flexible and just do what we can … .
Some days things are a bit backwards … we had Xima (dry grits) and goat meat for breakfast (with lots of oil), nothing for lunch, and cookies & peanuts for dinner (‘cause there wasn’t anything else). Also, that night I had a bit of a challenge … when I laid down to sleep in the ‘church’ we asked permission to sleep in there … within minutes thousands of ants were on my mat, in my sleeping bag, even in my clothes … after
kicking most of them off I decided to try sleeping on the benches, even though they are small and not very stable … that way I managed to sleep at least a few hours … until I woke up again, covered in ants, in my face, hair, everywhere … it really wasn’t funny … I’ve been sleeping with ants before but that amount out passed all my other experiences … at 5 am, even though it was quite cold, I got up ‘voluntarily’ … so at least we were back home early enough to get all the things done we needed to get done that day … everything has it’s advantages … ;‐)

Every blessing & greetings from Mozambique,