Juni 2011

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Hi everyone,

Greetings from Chimoio/Mosambik!

Those that are friends with me on facebook know it already … we took in new children … . This has been my desire for a long time, even though it’s not always easy for them to get used to a diffrent life, like going to school, doing chores … .

With the other streetkids I still meet once a week (the number is growing). When I parked ‚my‘ car there last week a radioreporter came towards me to do an interview with me. He was asking me ‚why I’d always meet with these kids, what I’d do with them …‘ . It was a good oportunity to testify about God’s heart for the lost, forgotten, rejected …; it was send that night as I’ve heard from people who listened to it.

On june 1st was children’s day here in Mosambik which has to be celebrated. The rest of the year nobody cares about children here, but anyways. There was nice food, fun & games … .

It is not the easiest to buy clothes for our children … I like doing it, but to find something for each one is a challenge … sometimes I dream how nice it’d be to go to one of these western department stores where you can quickly pick clothes organised according to sizes. Here you have to dig through piles of clothes at the 2nd hand market, that come from Europe and Amerika to find the right shirt, pans, socks, shoes or whatever for all our children. I always pray that God helps me to find something suitable for each one … .

On thursdays I still do bible stories & colouring for the children and they still love it … .

In the hospital …

Usually we just pray in faith ‚cause most of the time we don’t see them anymore afterwards, but a while ago one of our workers was in the hospital with her children, both with Malaria … they didn’t even respond … later on she told us that her boy was better right away and her girl also soon after … on with Dr. Jesus this is possible … !

In the prison …

It is still a battle. The kingdom is coming and manifesting more and more. Someone else doesn’t seem to be happy about that, but in everything we overcome by FAR through Him, who loves us! The prison needs lots of prayer, but okay, we can do that. This week there were many new prisoners in our service and about 30 of them gave their lives to Jesus, inviting Him to bring the necessary change – praise God!

Youth service

Another desire which I’ve had for a long time was to start a citywide youth service, inviting youths from all the different churches, encourage & equip them, see the untiy among the churches grow, worship and intercede together … . I believe this was/is not my idea, but God’s.

The first one was on may 1st. The worship team of Peniel church did an amazing job. As soon as they started to play the presence of God filled the room. I had the priviledge to preach and then we prayed, but not a little bit of prayer, but intercession that came from our hearts for at least half an hour … . Everyone was telling me that those services need to continue. So next one was on june 5th and it was truely amazing as well …!

I signed a contract to rent the hall in faith for each 1st sunday of the month until the end of the year. The Lord needs to make sure the rent gets paid, but we definitely need to continue. We didn’t make an altar call (which I usually do), but I just heard this week from someone from the team that some people gave their lives to Jesus that day and are coming to their church ever since – well, praise God!

Evangelism in Chimoio …

One of the people of my ‚prison team‘ invited me to come and preach the gospel in his area last saturday. The sound stuff into the car and off I went with our older boys from the center. Once we set up people gathered and lots of them! Most of those who stayed and listened to the message asked Jesus for the forgiveness of their sin and invited him to take over their lives. It was good …

Did I already tell you that we had the chance to open us the „Assemblea“ (provincial counsel) in prayer, for the 1st time in history. God had put on my heart to get in touch with the leader of the assembly – no more witches doing their stuff there – I’ve heard a number of testimonies that the last 2 assemblies (one just last week) were completely different than those before, God’s presence was felt, there was a peace, everything went well … . I was there with 5 other christians from different churches of our city Chimoio.

I was in Zimbabwe again …

First 8 days over easter … on the road the day the easter holidays started it took a while to cross the border 🙂 … . We first went to Harare… preaching the gospel to lovely kids in Epworth … . The next day we visited an old friend, went horseback riding (yes, really!), had a nice barbeque and prayer time together. Then off to Chinuze the day after … evangelism … many healings … teachings the next day …, off to Nyanga area where we had dinner & lots of time to fellowship with our friends there. My eyes still find it difficult to get used to the smoke that comes from cooking over the open fire in those closed up kitchens. ‚My‘ poor car also suffers quite a bit on these „roads“. What God did at the place where we evangelised in the evening was special .. we showed the Jesusfilm in front of shops and bars … many many came and were touched that night and as a result decided to give their lives to Jesus that night. They stayed for a long time wanting prayer.

On the way to Gutu, to the annual conference of the ‚Pentecostal Apostolic church‘, where I’ve already been having the priviledge to preach for the last 2 years we passed by in Rusape to see Pastor David with whom we’ve done lots of ministry together there. This time we didn’t sleep as much like sardines like last time in the classroom I slept in and also I didn’t sleep directly in front of the door – praise God!

Our last stop was Mashvingo. Thank God we didn’t get shot by the about 200 military soldiers that came towards us on the way there. There was a strong presence of the Lord in the service there. After that once more God needed to help me not to fall asleep driving; the guys in the car with me also did a good job talking to me to keep me awake. It is always hard after the 1 week or more evangelism/ministry trips with hardy any sleeep to drive back for hours and hours.

Speeking of ‚my‘ car … you will hardly believe it, but there is an inspection now which all vehicles have to go through until july 1st … I am not looking forward to that with my 20 year old car … and it’s not cheap … if something is broken you have to pay again – exciting … .

Anyways. I was in Zimbabwe again 2 weeks ago. I had called Pastor Simon before, but his english is not that good so I wasn’t sure that he really understood, if he’d be at the place we agreed on, informed the people …, but we live by faith not by sight, so we left hoping and believing it’d all work out. And praise God after waiting for about an hour (after we had already been late for an hour) he showed up at the place we agreed on meeting. The place we went for ministry that night was a lot further than I had thought and of course off road. When we stopped far into the mounatains something smelt burnt and smoke came out of my hood – great! At least we were already close. The problem was the breaks which didn’t work anymore the rest of the trip. I have to admit that after driving hundreds of kilometers up and down the mountains without breaks and arriving safely back in Chimoio I was asking myself the question if you really need breaks or what exactly you need them for? . The road to our 2nd place of evangelism was … … through rivers, over big rocks, stuck in the mud … . In the evening we showed the Jesusfilm again in front of a bar. And on sunday we had a very blessed time with the church there … .

Let me say something positive concerning ‚my Auto‘ … a few weeks ago my window where I sit as a driver didn’t want to roll up (the only electrical thing in ‚my‘ car!) und that as we wanted to go into the prison doing our weekly service here. So I asked them to please be allowed to park my car inside just for this time so we could keep an eye on it. AFTER it needed to go to the garage though … they immidiately started trying to fix it which took way long than I liked … until it was time to go to the hospital … I left them the broken part … the prayer for the sick should still happen despite of the sickness of ‚my‘ car … when I came back I had to listen to some complaints … ‚I should have stayed so they could have checked whether it works or not‘ … I told them it’ll work in Jesus’name … and it did … to their surprise … AND they didn’t even charge me anything … Halleluja!! Whoever seeks first the kingdom of God … . Since I’m living in Mosambik I’ve never heard of anyone that took his car into the garage, where it was repaired for hours and didn’t pay anything, but with God ALL things are possible!!

I’ll be going to Germany/Europe soon (june 23rd) for a time of visiting people, resting and ministering there …

Blessings and more blessings,

peace & grace,


P.S.: To the pictures …

at our children’s center … the new built playground in front of the new boy’s house

at our house … the boys eating sugarcane which we were given when we visited (I preached) at the church in Amatongas

view into our freezer … lovely food like a cowhead, a pighead, dead chickens …

3 pictures of the evanglism in Chinuze

in a zimbabwian kitchen

showing the Jesus film in the Nyanga area

at the conference of P.A.C in Gutu


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