April 2016

My dear friends,

as usual it is more than time to write & share with you what has been happing here … . After it has been hot hot for months it is now cold cold & raining for days. I am wearing 2 thick sweaters, drinking hot tea, trying to survive while I am still cold :(.

Sometimes I feel like one of these people that does juggling, trying to keep 30 balls in the air at the same time …

On the property
One of our children, Aderto (the oldest one), has been away from home for 10 years. He left in 2006 when he was 6 years old to live on the street, looking for food. He has been staying with us for almost a year and a half now. On the 3 rd try we finally managed to find his mother who lives in Gondola and the joy was great on both sides. She shared with us that last year in December she started to pray that she’d see her son again, in case he was still alive. It was at that exact time that Aderto told us he’d like to go to see his family during the school holidays. How God does things … .
Unfortunately most of our maize has also died in the drought like everyone else’s in our area. There are very few places that have a harvest this year, so we need to be wise to get as much as can while there is still any. What makes things difficult is that the maize meal factory is going everywhere with their trucks and they’re convincing the people to give to them by paying more money than what is the current price which make the price go up everywhere and for everyone. So counting on that we can get what we need we’ve to pay at least one third more than what we had planned.
The roof of our kitchen blew off during a storm and part of the building was destroyed, too, so we used the opportunity to renovate and make a better kitchen (still mozambican style though). Also the 4 th house that already had the walls more than half way completely collapsed and all our cement bricks broke, because we hadn’t built the pillars yet, so we had to start again. I hope we’ll still be able to finish building the house and that before our building permit expires.
We’re trying our best to grow as much as we can ourselves … tomatoes, onions, salad, sweet potatoes, manioc, beans, green vegetables … planted different kinds of fruit trees … . Things have always been expensive here, but since last year they are really expensive, so it’s good to have as much as we can ourselves, besides of the idea of being self sustaining at some point as much as possible.
On good Friday I went out to do an introduction to communion for the church the guys have started in February. To my surprise I found about 70 people there on a Friday evening. When I spoke about Jesus dying for us and who can participate in communion 6 people converted, asking for the forgiveness of their sins and receiving Jesus as their Lord and savior, then we went on with the teaching and took communion together. On Sunday I went back to preach about the resurrection and what that means for us …; we had a great time celebrating with the church and the children a special Easter feast 🙂 . One of the guys there started a preschool and he does a great job!
The pastors-­ and leaders training I’m doing there one Saturday a month is already going on for 3 months and it has been amazing each time. When we were given the property God put on my heart to not only do something for the children, but also help the churches in the area by teaching their pastors & leaders. In a vision I saw pastors hungry for the truth coming from a certain direction and it is really happening. Many are walking far distances in order to participate. They are leaving their houses at 5 a.m in order to get there by 9 a.m and after we finish they still have to walk back.

The registration/legalization of Loving the Nations here
We have the signature of the governor!!!!!!!!!! Which means we are officially/legally registered 🙂
Unfortunately things don’t finish there as I’ve found out :(. We still need to publish our existence in the ‘bulentim de republica’ (a journal given out by the government) which is not only crazy expensive, but also very difficult ‘cause there are many many that want/need to publish something there. Despite of me constantly going to the city counsel it took me 1 month to get the paper we needed from them that says we’ve completed the requirements for publishing. So finally we’re in the process of handing in the papers in Maputo now. It takes someone constantly going there, reminding them and checking on it and so far we have no idea who in Maputo could do that. Please pray with us for a miracle that we get this done within 3 months ‘cause otherwise we’ve to pay again what we paid here in Chimoio. The problem is that without the publishing you don’t get a tax number and without that you can’t open a bank account and … .

In Dombe
We found people hungry for the word … and praise the Lord it didn’t rain ‘cause the ‘church building’ had hardly an covering on top … .
As we started to drive back we needed a miracle … . When I started the engine the engine check light went on and I noticed that there was no power. I pressed the accelerator with hardly an effect. Hm. If we had been in a place where the ground was more or less flat it wouldn’t have been too had, but we were in the mountains and in order to get back we needed to drive up and down high mountains and the road was steep. I kept driving and asked everyone to pray. What else could I do? We were in the middle of nowhere. We somehow made it uphill each time and after we prayed for about an hour the car was okay and engine check light went off. This country gives you many opportunities to learn how to pray and whatever the problem is almost always Jesus is your only option … ;-­)

In Guro
As soon as we arrived we went to the new prison to preach there. It was easy cause the new director used to be the commander at the provincial prison in Chimoio and therefore knows us well. It was a privilege to be the first ones going there to share Christ with them. Everything is still brand new and not everything is finished there yet. It’s the 2 nd largest prison of the province of Manica where I’m staying. We felt the presence of the Lord as we ministered.
Then we went to the hospital to pray for the sick. One of our team members was not feeling well either, according to the symptoms he most probably had malaria; we tried to get medicine, but it was not possible. So we prayed and he was okay ;-­).
After that we managed to get to the ‘church’ just on time before it poured down rain with a heavy thunderstorm for hours. In Chimoio the electricity was off for 2 days as a result of that. Anyways. So we used the time pouring our hearts out to pray, interceding for Guro for more than 3 hours.
After my experience last year with the 1 Million ants in my sleeping bag, shirts, pants, hair … I decided to sleep in the car this time, which is not the greatest either, but still better I thought. With one lightning after another it was brought daylight for most of the night. When the water started to enter through the door I was sleeping next to I decided that this was taking it too far and commanded that to stop ‘right now’ and it stopped – at least.
After we ate the last dry bread for ‘dinner’ out in the rain (we couldn’t go inside cause there were other people) I wondered what we would eat the next day, but the Lord took care of us … .
Throughout the next day I stayed behind cause the church that was hosting us had requested me to teach there, while the team went from house to house, sharing the gospel and inviting people for the evening when we showed the Jesus film … .

In Macate
I went there last weekend to teach … to my surprise I found a church full of people even though we had only announced the seminar 2 days before …
On Saturday evening … after removing the obstacle of a drunken man that had entered the ‘church building’ the moment I started speaking, opening the evening session … I did a brief teaching on listening to the voice of the Lord. After I finished the teaching I let them pray & hear for each other in pairs . Then someone stood up that was obviously deeply moved. He shared that before he came he had seen me in a vision and I had been telling him things from Lord and now this was happening. We had never met before. The next morning after an intensive time of prayer one of the pastors got up and shared that as we prayed an angel of the Lord came to him and showed him a white piece of paper on which was written the verse out of the book of Revelation ‘listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches’ and he commented that he thought that was being shared was from me but now He knew it was from the Lord … .
Sometimes when I have in my heart to go to places I wonder if it is God who asks me to go, but at least in this case it obviously was … .

Besides that I went to Inchope, Manica and and … .

In the prison
We had another baptism this week 🙂 . The preparation wasn’t easy … the water stopped flowing … so those heroes there carried water in 20liter canisters from far until the 2000 liter baptism tank had enough water, so we could do the baptism. Also that morning for some reason my alarm didn’t go off, even though it was on … crazy … this has never happened before … when I heard someone knocking at the gate I looked at my alarm clock and jumped out of bed at the same time … some days don’t start as you’ve planned … .
In may the 2 years of ‘ bible school’ which I do there on Thursdays will be finished, so the students will graduate .. .
The 24 prayer had paused for a bit cause many were transferred to other prisons and new people came, but now they’ve started again :).

In the hospital
Still going regularly, looking forward to what God will do there … want to see the kingdom of God manifest … people are so open & grateful every time … .
Recently there was a new doctor that didn’t allow us to pray on her ward, so we prayed in front of it … for the patients, blessing her and declaring that she’d either change her mind, not work on Tuesdays anymore or be transferred … don’t know what happened but haven’t seen her anymore for 1 month now … ;-­)

The counselors
training Is almost over already … on Wednesday evenings my house is full … . It was a lot of work to translate all the teachings into Portuguese, but seeing the impact it makes on those participating and they are all people from different churches capable to teach others which I hope they’ll do cause no one has ever heard anything about inner healing here … . You have to start somewhere … .

Maybe let me share one more thing … I think I shared with you that God put in my heart to do a mixture of discipleship & teaching at the university that we have here now, ‘to train the future leaders’ was what He told me. We’ll see. I am there now every Tuesday evening for 3 months (until I go to Europe in June). Don’t have words to describe what is happening there each time. It’s like in the discipleship group I have on Sunday evenings at my house. Each evening is special. They are soooo open, receiving the word and putting it into practice immediately. The presence of God is almost tangible each time. It’s like as if they’ve been waiting for someone to come. It’s one of these good works the Lord had prepared according to Ephesians 2:10 I think … .

Anyways, as you can see I am not bored … ;-­‐)

Pray for me & us …
Greetings & blessings to all of you,